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Jeffrey Tucker hung out with 5 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Matt Pritchard, dale dagger, Thomas Motyka, Cody Hall, and Stefan Molyneux
The Market for Security
Jeffrey Tucker and 5 others participated
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I'm watching it (I think live) in +Jeffrey Tucker's stream while you talk about tech difficulties.  Our hangout with Jeff yesterday was published into Mike Messink's stream yesterday cleanly as a youtube video but I don't know if Mike had to do anything.
And I just re-freshed after you ended it, +Jeffrey Tucker, and it says "The live recording you're trying to play is still being processed and will be available soon" so I think you just get a live stream wherever the hangout is referenced (invites, your stream), and it's replaced by the recorded youtube video automatically.
very interesting. This can amount to something.
It can also amount to a heck of a lot of youtube videos. :)  It's an interesting curation problem... tags and topical description will be key to good searchability. 
Next time I'll be better organized. The problem this time is that people were in the wrong hangout. Did I do something wrong? Why is the hangout unconnected to the event invitation?
I'm not sure.  I've never used hangouts attached to events - until our convo yesterday, I had only used it for personal hangouts created just-in-time.  I suspect it's not so much a technical difficulty as a usability difficulty.  There may be some subtlety there that we just don't know for lack of familiarity but which is "as designed."  I'll do some playing over the weekend and see if I can't figure out the proper flow.
Perhaps next time, maybe you should click on the hangout in the event, rather than starting the hangout... or did you do that?  (I saw this in my stream, not from the event)
Ah that might be the whole issue. Got it.
Jeffrey, who is writing the Bitcoin tech manual you mentioned?  Peter Surda?
Molyneux, Kinsella, and others were on another hangout waiting for Jeff Tucker. Too bad we couldn't get this duo into the conversation. Hopefully we can do it again next hangout!
how do we join the hangout?
Urgh.  I couldn't peel myself away to make it.  Frustrating. 
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