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Textures: Earth and Sky
In an area of relatively barren mud hills, what you often have to work with are leading lines and textures. It would be great to find a plant to feature as a subject, but the dry, rain-compacted soil is not conducive to plant growth. This is another image from the Anza Borrego series I'm working on.

Shot at f/16, ISO 200, 1/15 second shutter speed, with a 24mm focal length, using a graduated neutral density filter to bring the sky and foreground exposures closer together.
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amazing.. cant help it that i made me stare at it for a while
The leading lines of the foreground are nice here, Nothing to slow down my eye from traveling to the brilliant light on the horizon. I like this just like it is.
Stunning exposure, love how the foreground really leads the viewer in with the leading lines
Masterful use of filters here, Jeff, to create a powerfully balanced composition of fantastic visual impact!
Such a good composition. The texture in the mud is fantastic.
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