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Lake Tahoe Sunrise Vertical
I like this vertical composition for the added sand texture in the foreground, and for the big rocks down there too.

I used a Cokin #120 2 stop graduated neutral density filter to bring the sky and reflection exposures closer together (as our eyes would naturally do onsite).
#filterfriday curated by +Laurie Rubin
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This is a gem. Wow, just unreal tone and frame...
I have been loving your Tahoe shots this week!
+Jeffrey Sullivan The patterns in the sand under the water is off the hook cool man. :) I'll be there in July. :)
Gorgeous, love the patterns in the sand underwater.
♥ the reflection on the water and the detail
I guess I'm not surprised to find a "filter friday" tag. I've still got the mindset leftover from b&w film days of having a (not so) small arsenal of "contrast" filters with me...from the "traditional landscape" yellows-oranges-reds, through greens to blue #47, and opaque IR.
Fantastic composition, good placement of the rocks in the water. The light feels really balanced and I like the bit of greenish hue in the water.
Nice image Jeff, love that FG and reflection... well done!
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