Lightning in a Sunset Thunderstorm
This storm started as some nice clouds at sunset with a little rain coming down, but the clouds consolidated over time to become a more energetic cell with frequent lightning. I kept shooting it well into the night, and ended up with a time-lapse sequence of a few thousand shots.

This is a composite image of many of the images from the event, showing both the lightning strikes and the stars as they emerged. To see the time-lapse video, here is is over on +YouTube :

I had uploaded some quick single and composite images from this sequence previously, but my father wanted a large print for Christmas, so I've finally gotten around to producing a better version of the composite.  Here's an album with the initial rough copy of the composite before I cleaned it up a little in +Adobe Photoshop Elements and +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.2:

Fortunately with time-lapse shooting you have a little extra time, since I was with +Lori Hibbett+Nicole Sullivan and +Thomas Sullivan camping on a mountaintop across the valley from this storm, and I had to manage steaks cooking over the campfire in addition to multiple cameras shooting at different focal lengths.

Here's more from my Nevada album on G+:

In the last few years I've posted dozens of photography tutorials on my +Blogger  blog... including ones on on how to produce both time-lapse sequences and star trails images.  Just search for "technique tip" and another keyword to find the one you want:
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