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For the next 2 weeks, the light of the setting sun will backlight Horsetail Falls just before sunset... if the waterfall is flowing and if clouds don't block the sun!

I just cancelled reservations for 2 rooms at the Yosemite Lodge for Feb 24-26 Weekend. I'll still be going, but I decided to camp instead. Come on up and shoot Yosemite in the Winter! #plusphotoextract
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This is my dream to go to this incredible event! Someday ;) I can't wait to see your photos of this Jeff!
Where is the best spot to capture this???
There can be only one, location that is! Why not take off to somewhere undiscovered and capture new magic???
Ce fil de vie et de lumière dans cette masse minérale froide, inerte ... ! Superbe !
Your way of seeing the world, is fantastic. I'd pround to add you in my circle.
Astonishing, like a cascade of lava ! O_0'
Nature at its very best
thanks jeff, such a wonderful and amazing
C'est superbe ouaw magnifique!
boo Jay
Je ne parle pas francais!
et moi, je ne parle pas beaucoup l'anglais but, the is so beautiful !!!!!
it's very nice !
are you who took this pic ?
bin go
Yosemite Lodge
+Kais Sadraoui yes, I took this photo, and more than 2000 more in my albums here on G+. I'm glad you like this one, thanks.
+Sean Webb I always capture something new (I had never seen this angle before when I captured this shot several years ago), and this trip will be no exception. Check out my albums if you like, and hopefully in a week or two, if the conditions are right, I'll have something new to show you involving this waterfall. 
We live in Mariposa about 45 min from are going to freeze your ass off we finally got snow last week...this is the slow time of year so I'm sure you will be able to find a room to thaw out.
omg look likes a lava flow awesome photographers are awesome.
Wow! amazing looks like a lava waterfall!
sobhan allah ! great !
wow tat luks coooooooooolllllllllllllll
i wish i could go it kind of far 1000 miles
OMG.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O
unbeliveble who ever it may be the best nature lover
Belles photos, fatastiques symétries, couleurs superbes, un très bel album. mes compliments
Magnifiques vues! Splendide la nature , fait rever.
+Jeffrey Sullivan this is sweet...I love how the light catches the falls at this time of year.....hope we can meet up for some night shots in VOF when +Richard Bitonti and I are down there in March! Would be great to meet ya!
+Darren White I'd love to meet you and +Richard Bitonti. I heard that you guys were going to Death Valley National Park, so I identified 5 sunset moon rise or sunrise moon set shots at the park's most iconic locations. The nearly-full moon in our compositions should make the resulting images fairly unique. There should also be some wildflowers in the park at this time of year (although this isn't shaping up to be a strong year). Here are the times and dates I'll be in the area after driving up from Anza-Borrego and possibly Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave National Preserve:

March 7 Wed - pm - Moon Rise 16:19 vs. 17:47 sunset - We have the choice of 3 locations I've identified, where the moon will be close to the horizon at sunset
night: Have a great and easy light painting location identified
Another location for star trail shots

March 7 Wed pm - 97.4% Full Moon Rise 17:28 vs. 17:47 sunset - Second sunset / moon location identified in an iconic Death Valley location
night: third light painting location

March 8 Thu am - Full Moon Set 5:54 vs. 6:07 sunrise - Sunrise / moon set location identified in an iconic Death Valley location
wildflower area identified nearby
short hike to amazing slot canyon scouted on the last trip

March 9 Fri am - 99.5% Full Moon Set 6:30 vs. 6:06 sunrise - Second Sunrise / moon set location identified in an iconic Death Valley location
morning schedule identified nearby
short drive (high clearance advised) to mining camp with structures (carpool)

March 10 Sat am - 96.5% Moon Set 7:09 vs. 6:04 sunrise - Third Sunrise / moon set location identified in an iconic Death Valley location
I've been finding some cool slot canyons, mining camps and other cool things in the park on recent trips as well as I work on the guide book, and I'd be happy to show those to people as well.
+Darren White and +Richard Bitonti I was planning on going to Valley of Fire April 6-7. Here's a high level view at part of my schedule this Spring:
Feb 24 - 26 - Winter in Yosemite National Park, plus Horsetail Falls backlit by the setting sun
Mar 2 - 4 - Spring in Anza Borrego State Park during wildflower season
Mar 7 - 10 - Death Valley National Park: wildflowers, unique locations, 5 near-full moon shots identified
Apr 5 - 8 - Las Vegas: Full Moon over Valley of Fire, The Strip, Route 66, petroglyphs
Apr 13 - 15 - Endless Fields of Wildflowers in Southern California (if we get them this year)
May 4 - 7 - Rainbows at Night in Yosemite National Park, waterfalls, dogwood trees blooming, wildflowers
May 18 - 20 - Spring in Yosemite National Park, bears, dogwoods blooming, waterfalls, new moon star trail shots
Jun 2 - 4 - Full Moon in the Eastern Sierra Nevada: Mono Lake, Yosemite's Tioga Pass, etc.
Jun 2 - 4 - Utah/Arizona landscapes: The Wave, Antelope Canyon, The Subway (Zion National Park), Bryce Canyon National Park
I'd be cool to shoot with other photographers on G+ when I'm out in the field.
+Fred Castillo Back in 2008 I mapped the two most popular shooting locations over on Google's +Panoramio:
As far at the best place to shoot it... that's what I plan on exploring next weekend, conditions permitting. Other locations I've mapped can be found here: I've had nearly 8 million image views over on Panoramio since 2006, and those photos often get viewed by users of +Google Earth.
+Jonie Mayberry I ended up going and camping, and the weather was surprisingly mild, with temperatures in the mid 50s during the day, gradually cooling down to about mid 30s late at night.
Ohhhh I wish I could go there! I would have a ball! So much to photograph :) This is an exquisite and breathtaking photo sir.
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