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Night Rainbows in the Mist, Lower Yosemite Fall
A double lunar rainbow, or "moonbow", appears in the mist of Lower Yosemite Fall during the G+ Yosemite Photowalk on the night of Sunday, May 6. 

+Lori Hibbett and I had over 65 photographers RSVP to receive the suggested four day itinerary earlier this month, and we ran into other folks from G+ once we arrived as well.  We planned our schedule around full moon rise and set times and the moonbows appearing in Lower and Upper Yosemite Fall.  It was exhausting shooting well in to the night each night, but as always, it was loads of fun meeting and shooting with other photographers on Google+!  The first 4 photos in this album are from the photowalk (as well as 50+ of the later photos), the rest are mostly from my other visits to the park in the past year or so, images which were handy since I joined Google+.

To see others' images from the photowalk, click on the #yosemitewalk2012  tag.
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Thanks again for organizing this, I otherwise may not have made my way there for a long while!
jac jac
Álbum...fantástico .  
(looking). I hit send too fast!
+Jeff Brooks-Manas I'll definitely tell people where I'll be in a couple of days on the June 30 one year Google+ Anniversary, but after our backpacking trip got interrupted last week when my transmission failed, it may be 3 miles in somewhere, LOL.  Then we'll catch the quaint festivities in the tiny town of Bridgeport on July 4 for their 150th anniversary Independence Day celebration.  After that, I'm working on a few things for August.
Everyone, You'r Attention plz... "Comment in English plz" ... there are some OWL'S who dont understand other lanugauges otherthen english :( Have mercy... Thats spoils the taste of picture
+Hamza Zahid - Ouch! A picture is worth a 1000 words, and +Jeffrey Sullivan's work speaks for itself. The awesome beauty that he and his partner in crime, +Lori Hibbett, are able to capture are inspiring beyond words.

If you're really curious, try Google Translate. I think I got the gist of the comments, without it. Though.
Que lugar tan lindo... bendicion para los que puedan visitarlo....gracias por compartir tu experiencia, asi también pude admirar la belleza de ese lugar.
I forgot to mention... to see other G+ community members' images from the photowalk, click on the #yosemitewalk2012 tag.  Some nights there were so many things to shoot (like the moon rising over different parts of the Valley), we went in four different directions!
it does look pretty!!
thats a great pic once I saw when I was at Lakes Of Fire 2012 I saw a upside down rainbow!
Oh, wow, some of these are just painfully gorgeous!! Thank you!
That is very pretty if its not I will be soo mad!
thta looks fake but how would i know ...i wasnt there but still pretty
i wish i was there enjoying my time there coolol
Well I didn't know there's such a thing as a lunar rainbow, thanks for this one! Always a new learning with g+
There are a few places on earth where these happen with great frequency year around.  At Cumberland Falls inear Corbin,Kentucky, where it is called a "moonbow", Waimea on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, and Victoria Falls, in Africa.
Vy Vo
That's amazing!!! 
I was there in 09, & i loved every minute of it.
"You are so beatiful,in every single way.Words cant bring you down."
I wish I can go these places and maybe draw that!!!!
Double rainbow?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
Whole world is the God's art bt taking shots like this is amzing.
RAINBOW! Is there a leprcon and unicorn near by?
An amazing collection - I love this place!
that is awesome!!! such an amazing experience
Love this place.  Lots of wonderful and exciting memories.  Thanks for sharing.
Xie Fy
AMAZING. Nice shooooooooot!
A very pretty photo! Very neat!
Been there, saw it at night. It was monochromatic when I saw it. Amazing.
wow, i guess the earth is a beautiful place after all
Oh how God has Blessed us! Hopefully THIS park wont' be torn through with bulldozers to make room for houses no one can afford to buy, much less keep!
These are the most beautiful pictures of Yosemite that I have ever seen. Simply breathtaking each and every one.
Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing Jeffrey.
Wow, these are beautiful!
thats so pretty i hope oneday i see that
Beautiful and breath taking
Thanks again for sharing your photos with all on g+ I have such wonderful memories of that fantastic park and your pictures really brought it all back. The b&w ones are reminiscent of Ansel Adams.
Itsnt It So Amazing How Rainbows Form ? Very Beautiful !
Picasa, Also Has Really Great pictures too.
It's so beautiful !...i love the nature beauty.
Wow. How did you pull this photo off without 200 people standing at the base of the waterfall?
I have been there. Its a lovely place.
I so like photos with rainbow, you captured it nicely!
lovingggggggg the every bit of this post.........beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Thank you for the lovely photo`s. My Son took me to see Yosmiti  ,so the photo`s bring back happy memories. I love to visit the USA.
Would love to go to Yosemite,but can't afford,sorry.
Gorgeous shot here. What a beautiful world we live in :)
it seems bright daylight then how come STARS are visible???!!!
this is like the best pic i have ever saw
Makes me want to go back there and take photos, beautiful shots, really capture being there, very tranquil
I wonder is there a pot of gold at the end of rainbow?????
honest all of them is great none is not. I love it really love it
i i can see what u capture....
You don't have to sophie and I'm not going to force you to believe :) I hate it when some people do that
Awesome capture, naturally beautiful! Wish this was my back yard. I'll try to shoot a rainbow over the block of flats near my house and see if it looks similar.
I have a feeling it will look similar, but perhaps I'm being optimistic! :-)
the post i very like nice photo
Were these photos taken under noon light?   can't believe it,  such contrast and color saturation... 
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