Night Rainbows in the Mist, Lower Yosemite Fall
A double lunar rainbow, or "moonbow", appears in the mist of Lower Yosemite Fall during the G+ Yosemite Photowalk on the night of Sunday, May 6. 

+Lori Hibbett and I had over 65 photographers RSVP to receive the suggested four day itinerary earlier this month, and we ran into other folks from G+ once we arrived as well.  We planned our schedule around full moon rise and set times and the moonbows appearing in Lower and Upper Yosemite Fall.  It was exhausting shooting well in to the night each night, but as always, it was loads of fun meeting and shooting with other photographers on Google+!  The first 4 photos in this album are from the photowalk (as well as 50+ of the later photos), the rest are mostly from my other visits to the park in the past year or so, images which were handy since I joined Google+.

To see others' images from the photowalk, click on the #yosemitewalk2012  tag.
Mono County California
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