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Valley of Fire
I've added a lot of Valley of Fire photos to further illustrate some of the types of opportunities available during the G+/Panoramio Photowalk April 5-8 in the Las Vegas Area. For information or to RSVP, visit this post:
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Le an
wow....wanna be there soon :P
yum! Had such a great time on the last one in Anza-Borrego that I'm definitely going to try fit this one in if there are others who would be interested in camping
Breathtaking! Thanks Jeffrey. I need to go there on a Harley, nothing else would do. Haha
+Lori Carey That would be awesome! I'm going to gather names of interested people shortly and take a poll to see who wants to camp in Valley of Fire, or more throughout the trip in general (spend more time out toward Valley of Fire).
I'm going to pick up my kids at an event in Clovis April 1 and +Lori Hibbett and I will spend eight days with them on the road, including a few extra scouting days around Valley of Fire. Earlier today I was reading the Las Vegas section added to the Photographing the Southwest guide book (in Volume 2 - Arizona). I'd like to explore the Gold Butte Byway to Little Finland, Redstone, Lovell Narrows slot, the Calico Hills near Red Rock Canyon, and other nearby areas before the group arrives. Some of the trails are pretty remote and require high clearance, and with my crappy stock SUV not having a limited slip differential, it would be handy to have a backup vehicle with a tow chain or winch!
There is an interesting event going on at Fremont Street while you folks will be in town. It's not pretty nature stuff but it's defiantly local color. Sat April 7 is Bunny Bounce. It's an Easter themed pub crawl. We'll be in crazy costumes and drinking. +Ryan Drewrey is talking about painting his bald head like an Easter egg. These events get hundreds of people. It's pretty fun!
They were awesome photos Jeffrey thank you, maybe I should post some of my own from South Australia, Australia.
Wow what kind of camera and equipment did you use?
Bin Fu
Breathtaking colors. Though an amateur photographer, wish i could have an opportunity like this to capture such lush colors and effects of the sun on landscape.
wonderful pic. Nd these places wd like to visit...
wonderful pic. Nd these places wd like to visit...
kahan se beutifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's amazing :) can you show more of your photographs ? :)
Do you know anyone who organises Photowalks in the UK?
awesome pics jeff got anymore please bring them on
I have been there several times, and that is a great photo, that really captures the essence of the area.
wow!!! seriously great picsss
I am greatful to be a part in this process and would like to be kept in the loop
beautiful pictures..:):)
wow...really awesome pics....I liked it very much...Thank you Jeffrey
The shadows begins to hide behind the objects, which are from infinity of darkness.
Bộ sưu tập rất tuyệt vời !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice................
Wow what an amazing picture mate I love it is like heavens canyon.
+Mukarram Hussain Most of the photos in this album were taken in Valley of Fire State Park near the city of Las Vegas, in Nevada, USA. A group of photographers who use Google+ or Panoramio will be joining me there for a photowalk April 5-8, so I wanted to show them more examples of the terrain we will be shooting in.
Great photo,like the red coloures!
+Jane Gooding Red rock and orange sunrise light... that certainly provides some amazing colors for a few minutes each morning in the Southwest.
How do you get here?
+Alice R. Valley of Fire is about an hour east of Las Vegas, Nevada. You can view most of these photos on a Google Earth map using +Panoramio:
You can turn on a Panoramio Photos layer in +Google Earth to see hundreds more photos from other Panoramio users as well, making it easy to find some of the most interesting landscape features you might want to photograph.
Fantastic. I love natural beauty.We all are part of nature. All the best.
Wow! very nice pic., its amazing.Thanks very much.
Wishing this wasn't over the holiday! Looking forward to seeing all the fun y'all have though.
hi jeffrey these pictures so beautfull ,fantastic, wow i have now words for it .
I just returned from Las Vegas yesterday. It was on the chilly side this past weekend but the clouds were amazing. I had spent one evening in the Valley of Fire State Park, it's such an awesome place! I really wish I had more time or could go on this PhotoWalk! Be prepared to be amazed if you've never been there before!
+Scott Vanderhoof Do you think you might make it? I've posted a lot of updates to the +Las Vegas Photography Workshops page, and the RSVP post appears here: I've put you on the attendee list as a "maybe" but this is a busy time of year and campsites are "first come, first served". I'll be arriving early to get campsites for people who have confirmed interest in camping. I don't want to get stuck paying for extra sites, so anyone not specifically requesting one will be assumed to be staying in a nearby hotel (or not coming).
hi jeffrey your pictures is amazing,valley of fire is the beautifull place!!!i love las vegas!!!!
Hi love the photos will try and be there :)
great gallery ..all of them :)
Beautiful, beautiful captures! And great memories...
c'est magnifique c'est ouf!!!!!!ffff bonjour de guinganp la bretagne

           merci mille fois et plus
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