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Jeff Sullivan

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This was my last shot before the rain started around 8 pm last Sunday, but the overall night was amazing!
Arriving Storm
It started raining immediately after this shot, and it rained for an hour, but last Sunday ended up being one of the coolest workshop sessions we've had in Bodie.  Can't wait to show you more.

#photographyworkshop   #abandonedplaces   #ghosttown
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beautiful  love it ..
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Jeff Sullivan

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Brewing Storm
The weather looked perfect for a great sunset when we arrived in Bodie for the night portion of our workshop last Sunday, but we soon found out that there were other things in store for us...  

#LGG4   #Android   #photographyworkshop  
+Bodie Photo Workshops 
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I love those gorgeous clouds!!
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Jeff Sullivan

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Another Dozen Bodie Photos
I added photos to my Bodie album to have them available for blog posts.

#abandoned   #ghosttown   #photographyworkshop  
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Great work love the pictures. 
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Jeff Sullivan

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1937 Chevy Under Partial Moonlight
This is the '37 Chevy in Bodie under a crescent moon during our May 3, 2014 night photography workshop.  We'll have slightly brighter conditions for our workshop in Bodie this weekend, which should be great for light painting:

#nightphotography   #lightpainting   #photographyworkshop
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Nice picture :)
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Jeff Sullivan

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Storm Chasing in Nevada
At Topaz Lake on the California/Nevada border, +Lori Hibbett and I had a storm pass by earlier this month.  We decided to chase it east into Smith Valley to see if we could catch some lightning photos.  We didn't catch the storm there; it continued over the next set of mountains to sit south of Yerington.  So we headed through Wilson Canyon and headed south, ending up in the Cambridge Hills as the skies cleared towards the setting sun, and sunset color spread under the storm clouds. 

The storm was to the west, the sun was shining under it from the east, and we were under the edge, which ran north and south.  We had some great opportunities as the sun went from yellow to orange, and the clouds took on shades at the blue end of the spectrum.   

We stuck around to capture a time-lapse of the clouds moving as the storm dissipated, and as the nearly-full moon rose behind them.

See the rest of the story in my new blog post:
Storm Chasing in Nevada

#stormchasing   #Nevada   #travel   #photography
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+Michael Flaherty The camera was on a tripod and absolutely level.  The hill that the road traverses slopes down into the river valley to the left, and I chose not to re-imagine it as level.  
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Jeff Sullivan

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Sample 4K video, LG G4 smartphone.
Crisp, high resolution, good color, great image stabilization.  One 4K video created nearly 150MB in roughly 40 seconds, so the ability to add microSD internal storage up to 2TB is important.
On YouTube: 
#LGG4 #G4Preview   #android   #sponsored
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+Luke Meiritz-Reid​ Sony is 4k too 😝
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Jeff Sullivan

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Ghost Town Reflection Under Moonlit Clouds
I had a great workshop in Bodie on Sunday night.  I'll try to write up more on it in the coming days.

+Bodie Photo Workshops  #ghosttown   #nightphotography   #Canon  
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I like
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Jeff Sullivan

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A Day in a Wild West Mining Town
The California Gold Rush was started by the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848.  In 1959 W. S. Bodey discovered gold east of the Sierra Nevada, and the rest is history.  Fortunately we can explore that history due to local families preserving the town until it became Bodie State Historic Park in 1962.  The town is preserved in a state of "arrested decay", and the interiors of the buildings have been left largely untouched for over 50 years.
We head out there from before dawn, and spend a long day with sunrise, sunset, two golden hours, six hours of access to interiors, and from the time the park closes at 6 pm into the night at 1 am.  It's a marathon, but one full of unique photographic opportunities.  
I've created a new blog post outlining a typical schedule:

#ghosttown   #abandonedplaces   #photographyworkshops  
+Bodie Photo Workshops :
Pre-dawn light at the bullwheel First light on Main Street So what's a photography workshop in Bodie like?  Let's go through the approximate schedule for this coming Sunday.  This will be our first one where doing interiors i...
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Jeff Sullivan

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Milky Way Rising Behind Joshua Trees
The Milky Way rises to the east behind Joshua Trees, an iconic indicator of the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

I've added this photo and the time-lapse video created from the same photos to my blog post showing photos and video that I captured:

Time-lapse of the Milky Way Rising in the Mojave Desert
#nightphotography   #starrynights   #travelblogger   #photographer  
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Looks like silver strings from heaven.
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Jeff Sullivan

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No Unicorns, but Plenty of Rainbows!
My fun with the new LG G4 continues with these rainbows last night.  I've added seven more photos to my LG G4 album, and there's a new write-up on my blog:
At the End of the Rainbow: More LG G4 Sample Photos

#landscapephotography   #travelblogger   #sponsored
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Mere shadow play 
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Jeff Sullivan

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Exploring an American Ghost Town
I received a preview unit of the new LG G4 smartphone last week, just in time for a workshop I was leading last Wednesday in Bodie.  The first photo is an unedited HDR mode photo, the rest went through my usual workflow of making a few minor adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.  

These were some of my first photos taken on the phone, so I mainly used Auto and HDR modes.  The HDR mode was critical to eliminating blown out skies and evening out the uneven lighting indoors.  

Over the following days I started exploring the option to shoot close-ups, work with RAW file output.  The RAW output offers increases quality when you have time to post-process it, and a matching JPG for when you don't:

I have 34 samples in my LG G4 album so far, mostly from the afternoon walking around Bodie:

I'll be back out over the next few days, so it'll be fun to see how the camera performs under a variety of conditions.

#Bodie   #abandonedplaces   #LGG4   #sponsored
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geff .. as always .... awesome :)
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Jeff Sullivan

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Another LG G4 Sample Photo
LG G4 smartphone photo, shot in RAW and adjusted in Adobe Lightroom.   More Samples:

There is a ‪#G4Preview‬ Tour underway to introduce people to this phone hands-on. Follow @G4Preview on Twitter for the latest Tour locations.
#landscapephotography   #sponsored   #LG   #LGG4  
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You using LR desktop version of Android version?
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