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Jeff Sullivan
Landscape photographer, author, workshop instructor, filmmaker
Landscape photographer, author, workshop instructor, filmmaker

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Fireworks Under Dark Skies: Mammoth Lakes
I've added photos to my Crowley Lake Fireworks album on +Google Photos. The Mammoth Lakes fireworks display over Crowley Lake is one of the best ones in California for seeing and photographing fireworks in a truly dark setting!

My blog has the original photos that I posted, as well as articles on how to photograph fireworks:

#fireworks #photography #mammothlakes #easternsierra
+Visit Mammoth +Mono County Tourism

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Enter the Mountain Mania assignment on Outdoor Photographer Magazine today to have a shot at publication in the magazine.
Thank you OP for highlighting my photo for your contest! #landscapephotography #contest

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Milky Way Season is On!
...If you don't mind getting up in the middle of the night! Fortunately the Milky Way rise time moves earlier in the night each month, until it gets downright reasonable and is in the sky after evening twilight for my night photography workshops from June through October.

#milkyway #nightphotography #landscapephotography #photographyworkshops

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Outdoor Photographer Magazine assignment: Smartphone + Instagram
Enter the Outdoor Photographer Magazine assignment "Smartphone + Instagram":

Tag entries #assignment282 and @OutdoorPhotoMag on Instagram.

Their sample photo is my winning entry form their September 2015 contest.
#iPhone5S #ShotOniPhone

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Death Valley Wildflowers 2017
I've photographed over two dozen wildflower species in Death Valley National Park so far this month. Last year's superbloom delivered a bumper crop of seeds, which multiplied the rodent population, and that has resulted in more sidewinder rattlesnakes than I've seen in the park before. Watch where you step! I followed a couple of the tracks, but was not able to catch up with any of the snakes. #deathvalley #nationalpark #landscapephotography #California #photographyworkshops

18 Photos - View album

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2017 Bodie Night Photography Workshops Release Sale!
Some of the following dates are being initially offered on longer workshop packages, with early registration sale prices help me cover fees and deposits:

Jun 17 - Bodie Morning Interiors and Sunset/Milky Way Night Photography
Jun 23 - Bodie Milky Way Night Photography
July 21 - Bodie Milky Way Night Photography
Sept 15 - Bodie Milky Way Night Photography
Oct 13 - Bodie Milky Way Night Photography

More details on the packages I'm offering these in, with registration links:

This photo is from one of our first night photography workshops in Bodie , about 25 of them ago, way back in 2012.

#BodieStatePark #nightphotography #workshops #california 

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Where to Shoot Yosemite's Horsetail Fall
Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley is backlit by the setting sun for roughly two weeks each year. As the sun falls behind the vertical face of El Capitan...

#Yosemite #landscapephotography #workshops

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2017 Death Valley Photography Workshops
So far I'm planning two trips for spring wildflowers, two for fall:
Mar 1 - 5 - Death Valley Spring Landscapes & Night Photography
Mar 22 - 26 - Death Valley Spring Landscapes & Night Photography
Nov 16 - 19 - Death Valley Landscape & Night Photography - Leonid Meteor Shower
Dec 9 - 13 - Death Valley Landscape & Night Photography - Geminid Meteor Shower

Here's my Death Valley workshop overview page:

I'll get a blog post up shortly with info on the ones in March, and add that link here. I live 3 hours from the park, and I've been exploring Death Valley several times per year for eleven years! If you can't join me but want to explore the park, my 320-page guidebook “Photographing California Vol. 2 – South” includes 40+ locations in Death Valley.

#deathvalley   #photographyworkshops

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Joshua Trees at Sunset
I don't usually think of Joshua trees as a "cloud forest" species, but in the winter when they get most of their moisture, a lot of them live up where they are in the clouds of oncoming storms. Although they are clearly a desert species, it's high desert, and much of the moisture falls as snow. This lengthens the time when the moisture can soak into the soil.

Joshua trees are an indicator species for the Mojave Desert ecosystem. They have been declining in geographical extent for thousands of years. One contributing factor may be the extinction of the giant ground sloth, which spread Joshua tree seeds, but disappeared around the time that humans arrived on the continent. As climate change shortens winters and raises snow levels, that may accelerate their decline.
#joshuatrees   #landscapephotography   #DeathValley   #MojaveDesert  

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Bodie's 193 earthquakes over 1.5 Magnitude
The shaking in Bodie continues! When I search the USGS site for earthquakes 1.5 and over, it shows 193 in the past week.

Apparently some windows have broken, some brick buildings have been damaged, so the park has been closed through Sunday so the damage can be assessed and buildings stabilized. The activity could last two months, so there is the possibility of strong aftershocks as well.

For photos of the historic town of Bodie, see my album with over 400:
Photo usage permission may be granted with appropriate credit, so contact me with any requests.

#earthquakes   #Hawthorne   #Nevada   #science   #news  
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