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Planning Milky Way Photography
Here's a planning guide I posted to my old blog to accompany the show tonight:
Planning Milky Way Photography
Milky Way over Mono Lake Tufa Rock Formations By now most of us have seen stunning Milky Way shots, but when we go out at night in the Northern Hemisphere we find that the Milky Way is not prominent in the sky all of the time and the moon often interferes w... #MyBeautifulEarth  
Milky Way over Mono Lake Tufa Rock Formations By now most of us have seen stunning Milky Way shots, but when we go out at night in the Northern Hemisphere we find that the Milky Way is not prominent in the sky all of the time...
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Your shadow is probably in it somewhere +John H. Moore! 
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Yosemite Valley View Sunset
One of my last pictures in the park, as my kids and I visited last week.
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Fabulous color contrast!
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Bodie Photowalk May 3, Night Workshop May 3, Interiors May 4
My May 3 Bodie night workshop is nearly full, and I'll be announcing a photowalk shortly to show photographers around town earlier that afternoon.

I've also added a workshop with special interior access the following morning, May 4.  Given that there are only 2 weeks until that new session, I've priced that at only $220, the difference between the previous night's session ($325) and the price for both ($545).

I've also added a new night session for Milky Way and perhaps Camelopardalid meteor shower photography May 24, and another interior access session the following morning May 25.  Registration links are up along with more details on my blog:
#ghosttownphotography   #photographyworkshop   #photowalk   #BDSH   #BodieStateHistoricPark  
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wow, simply stunning ! 
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Lunar Eclipse Over Yosemite Valley South Rim
I caught the lunar eclipse behind trees high on the cliffs  of Yosemite Valley Monday night.  There are so many similar pictures of eclipses of the moon alone... I like to add something extra when I can. I chased the edge of the shadow of this ridge line for 15-20 minutes as the moon entered eclipse and turned red, moving, shooting, and moving again to place the moon by or behind the trees on the ridge.

This is a single exposure captured for 0.5 seconds at f/8, ISO 3200, but I also have brighter, bracketed exposures in case I have time to better recover the ridge line detail in +Adobe Photoshop at some future date.
Captured on a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens +2x Teleconverter II.

Yosemite photography workshops:
#lunareclipse   #lunareclipse15thapril   #astronomy   #astrophotography  
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Lunar Eclipse Time-lapse, Catch One April 14/15, 2014
Below is an example of a time-lapse video which you can capture during a lunar eclipse, and here are a couple of blog posts introducing time-lapse photography:

Create a Timelapse Video on Your Digital Camera
Create a Timelapse Video of a Meteor Shower

#lunareclipse   #astronomy   #astrophotography   #timelapse   #tutorial  
Timelapse Video of Lunar Eclipse - Transamerica Building Conjunction
Astronomical predictions for the moon and a few basic geometry calculations predicted that the moon would reach the top of the Transamerica Buidling from this shooting location, which I located on +Google Earth using +The Photographer's Ephemeris

When +Panoramio's +Gerard Sanz and I arrived early to shoot a timelapse sequence, the moon traveled right to the top of the building, as predicted!

Here's a blog post with more examples of moon-object alignments: 

Here's another time-lapse video, showing the moon rising behind Half Dome:

Eclilse video on +YouTube
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Thanks for the infos 
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Join me for the Landscape {Photography Show Tonight
My power and Internet have been down most of the day, but now that both are back up, I'm really looking forward to the show on night photography / astrophotography tonight!  

A huge part of your success with much landscape photography and astrophotography in particular will be how thoroughly you plan ahead to set yourself up for stunning opportunities, so I'm preparing some materials that I think you'll find interesting, educational and useful.
Planning Milky Way Photography
#hangout   #hangoutsonair   #nightphotography   #tutorial  
Come join popular landscape and night photographer +Jeff Sullivan   and the Landscape Photography Show panel on Tuesday April 22th at 7 PM PDT/8 PM MDT/9 PM CDT/10 PM EDT.  Jeff will be talking about photographing the Milky Way and Other Night Sky Attractions. Jeff is a landscape photographer, author, workshop instructor, and filmmaker. He was the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011, People and Space - Royal Observatory Greenwich, London.

Be sure to circle the +Landscape Photography Show  page!  We have a new look and a new URL!!

Share your favorite Night photographs. Maybe one of the panelists will select your photo as the Show Starter and give you a shout out on air!  Limit of 5 photographs please.  Do NOT load an album to the event.  It will load all the photos in the album.

Join the fun on Tuesday April 22th, 2014 at 7 PM PDT/8 PM MDT/9 PM CDT/10 PM EDT.  See you there!!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Landscape Photography Show. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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I'm really excited about the show!  I'm putting my brain in learning mode!!
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Photographer's Guide to Twitter
Sound advice on Twitter from +Ken Kaminesky and +PhotoShelter ...
It was a great pleasure to help my friends at  +PhotoShelter  with their awesome new free guide on Twitter for photographers. If you're looking to utilize Twitter to it's full potential to help your photography business then this guide is definitely a must read.

While I actively participate in many different social media platforms, Twitter my be the one that has helped my career more than any other. It can also be the trickiest one to work with but trust me, it can be a great help to your photo business. 

Hope you enjoy the guide!
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Jeff Sullivan

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Should Copyright Law be Strengthened, or Abolished?
Should your photographs and art be worthless, available to all for free on the Internet?  Rich executives at powerful corporations who want to profit at your expense think so.  Your input is due TODAY.  
Please share:
Calling All Photographers & Artists-Help Copyright Alliance Protect YOUR Copyright. It's time to put down your cameras, art brushes, sculpting clay and
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+Jeff Sullivan Right now millions of books are subject to copyright, have no income, and are thus "orphaned." They literally can't be read because the copyright owners have no incentive to distribute them and the copyright has many decades to run. 
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Lunar eclipse April 15, 2014
Running back out for sunset...
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Truly amazing... thank you!
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Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night
Depending upon where you live on the planet, a lunar eclipse will occur starting either late April 14 or in the early morning hours of April 15.  NASA provides the times in Universal TIme (UT):

For viewers in North America, here's the approximate timing for viewers on the West Coast (PDT time zone):

10:58pm (Mon) partial lunar eclipse begins
12:07am (Tues) total lunar eclipse begins
12:47am (Tues) maximum lunar eclipse
  1:25am (Tues) total lunar eclipse ends
  2:33am (Tues) partial lunar eclipse ends

The moon will actually start to dim around 9:55 pm as the moon starts to enter the earth's penumbra, the dim edge of the earth's shadow, and it won't fully exit the penumbra until 3:36 am.

The moon will be very high in the sky during this time, and a program such as +PhotoPills can help you plan shots at these times, to line up the moon with natural or man-made objects: Here's an example of a time-lapse video I captured in 2011, where I aligned the moon in eclipse passing right past the tip of the Transamerica Building in San Francisco: 

I'm providing these old photos of mine from 2007 to show you that you can get decent results without needing the latest or most expensive DSLR camera.  I captured these on a 10 megapixel Canon Digital Rebel XTi manufactured in 2006, and here are some notes I took afterwards:
Lessons Learned: Photographing the Lunar Eclipse
#lunareclipse   #lunareclipse15thapril   #astrophotography   #tutorial
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i may have missed the first. but the next will be on my phone.
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I'm a landscape photographer and workshop leader, currently researching and writing a guide to the best landscape photography locations in Southern California.

Stay tuned to see what I've discovered lately!

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