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Jeff Sullivan

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Milky Way Rise (time-lapse video)
Here's one of the time-lapse videos I created, using 470 images captured over 4 hours, from when the Milky Way rose until the approaching dawn brightened the sky.

#timelapse   #milkyway   #nightphotography  
+Jeff Sullivan Photography 
The camera pans to follow the Milky Way as it rises over the eastern horizon, behind Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert.
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Very, very beautiful.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Night in the Mojave
Joshua trees are an indicator species for the Mojave Desert ecosystem, stretching from Southern California into Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

#Mojavedesert   #nightphotography   #milkywayphotography
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Love the Joshua trees.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Stormy Evening on The Racetrack
Last weekend in Death Valley National Park.
Last Color of Sunset on The Racetrack
Sunset meets blue hour on The Racetrack, Death Valley National Park.  April 2015.  

#deathvalley   #landscapephotography   #theracetrack
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Jeff Sullivan

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Stepping Into the Past
Building interiors in the Wild West "Ghost town" of Bodie have been mostly untouched for 50 years, since the State Park assumed ownership in the early 1960s. When we access the buildings today, we're careful not to disturb even the dust! 

We've added registration for interior access to Bodie starting at only $245, and nights starting at $325 in 2015!  We'll have four sessions for interior access in 2015: May 24, June 13, July 11, and August 15, and five for nights: May 24, June 13, July 11, August 15 and October 11-12.

#abandoned   #ghosttown   #photographyworkshop
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+Jeff Sullivan Thank You for that link. I love photography. Haven't been at in in ten busy
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Jeff Sullivan

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Bodie Night and Interior Access Sessions, Starting at $245!
Our first Bodie workshop of the year is coming up next month!  We have just a few spaces left in the combined workshop for both, so we're opening up registration for a separate night workshop or morning interior access session in Bodie on May 24 for people who want one or the other:

We have FAQ and registration here:

#nightphotography   #photographyworkshop   #bodiestatehistoricpark  
+Bodie Photo Workshops 
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Thank you +Rebekah Watson! 
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Jeff Sullivan

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Star Trails Over Pliocene Clay Lake Bed
Star Trails over erosion patterns in Pliocene-era bentonite clay in a former lake bed in rural Nevada.

The eroded hills were partially lit by the moon, but also illuminated using a ProtoMachines LED2 light set to approximately the same color temperature as moonlight. 

#Nevada    #nightphotography    #startrails   #ProtoMachines  
+Jeff Sullivan Photography 
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Vey nice
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Jeff Sullivan

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Cosmic Perspective
The disk of the Milky Way as seen in the clear dark skies of California's Mojave Desert on April 19 at 4:37 am.  The brighter portion is looking towards the dense, center portion of our galaxy and the less bright portion is looking out towards the rest of the universe.

#astronomy   #science   #astrophotography   #milkywayphotography
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Jeff Sullivan

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Sunrise in Fethiye Harbor
Sunrise reflection in Fethiye Harbor, Turkey.  The word "turquoise" comes from the color of the water here in Turkey!  This image was captured while +Lori Hibbett and I were on a two week "blue water cruise" aboard a chartered sailboat in September 2010.  We also spend two weeks on a self-driving land tour, driving from Istanbul across the countryside to Selimye, where we'd catch our boat.

I recently had a request for a print of this image, so I touched it up with my latest post-processing software and uploaded it to +Fine Art America for printing:

#Turkey   #travelphotography   #sailing
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Fabulous click hat's off you
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Jeff Sullivan

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Photobombed by an F-18
An F-18 photobombs campers in Death Valley National Park Tuesday morning.  The first one which passes by gets your attention, the second one comes at you from behind at close to the speed of sound, so you won't hear it coming!

#DVNP   #deathvalley   #camping   #desertphotography  
+Death Valley Workshops 
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Very nice scene and photo. Thank you.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Wildflowers Last Weekend in Death Valley
Over the weekend I was playing with the +olloclip lenses I bought for my iPhone 5S about 18 months ago, and came up with some fun results!

#iphoneography   #macrophotography   #deathvalley  
+Death Valley Workshops 
More Death Valley Wildflowers, 2015
Mostly iPhone 5S photos in this batch.  I'll have more DSLR images soon from my 2nd and 3rd 2015 Death Valley visits.

#wildflowers   #deathvalley   #californiaphotography
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Beautiful album ...I took my pictures only with the S5 ...thank you so much for sharing 
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Jeff Sullivan

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Light Painting in Death Valley and Nevada
A new blog post with notes and photos from a week in the field with a new light painting tool to master:
#nightphotography   #lightpainting   #astrophotography  
New Light Painting Tool in the Bag
I spent a week in March getting to know the ProtoMachines LED2 light in Death Valley National Park and Nevada.  I used it under the Milky Way, with star trails, light painting subjects near and far, with and without moonlight.

I'll use the LED2 more over the next 6 week to practice for our light painting session in Bodie on the night of May 24.  Currently we're offering the night bundled with interior access earlier that morning, but we'll soon offer them separately as well to fill the last few spaces:

#nightphotography   #lightpainting   #photographyworkshops
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Nice photo. Thanks.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Fall in the Eastern Sierra
In early April, we're already halfway back to fall!

#fallcolors   #easternsierra   #mountainmonday   #monocounty  
+Eastern Sierra Nevada Workshops 
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Very nice
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