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Jeff Sullivan

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Burning Man 2012
As I saw posts on social media from people going to Burning Man next week, I realized that I hadn't gotten through all of my photos from the last time I went, in 2012. Between the heat, the dust and the darkness, the conditions can be challenging for photography, but with hundreds of works of art and mutant vehicles, it's a hotbed of creativity and a riot of color.

In spite of a ban on commercial activity within the event, estimates on the economic impact on Northern Nevada alone ranged from $35 - 44M in 2012 (not including participants' preparations at home). Home Depot, Wal-Mart and many other retail establishments get cleaned out this week, selling building and camping supplies and groceries. +Burning Man 2012 
#burningman   #Nevada #blackrockdesert #BLM #2012
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+John Getchel  If it's not the heat, or the dust, some years rain and mud is an issue.  This year apparently it's a massive infestation of bugs!  
It's hard to beat that constant state of amazement you feel at all of the creative, intricate, kinetic, interactive, and sometimes just plain bizarre things that people come up with.  I hope that I have opportunities to return in the future.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Yosemite Chapter
This is the header page for my chapter covering Yosemite National Park, in my new guidebook to California landscape photography locations: 

I'll have copies signed and shipping in about 2 weeks!

#california   #californiaphotography   #travelphotography   #book  
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Jeff Sullivan

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Summer of Fire
The smoky dawn view from the road to Monitor Pass as I returned from shooting the Perseid meteor shower one morning last week.

#California   #wildfires   #drought   #landscapephotography
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Thanks for the share +Margaret Tompkins !
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Jeff Sullivan

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Walker Fire in the Mono Basin
Time-lapse video footage from early yesterday morning of the fire burning south of Lee Vining, southwest of Mono Lake.  There are airplanes and satellites as you'd expect, but it looks like the camera caught a few late Perseid meteors as well.

Watch in HD on YouTube: 

An update on the fire as of 8 am this morning:
Date Started: 8/14/2015 
Cause: Human 
Total Personnel: 484
Injuries/Illnesses to Date: 0
Size: 3,715 acres Structures Threatened: 235
Percent Contained: 35%
Resources: 4 helicopters, 0 seats, 2 Air tankers Engines 34, Crews 10, Water Tenders 6, Dozers 4 
Structures Lost: 0
Estimated Containment: 8/23/2015

#walkerfire   #california   #wildfires   #californiadrought
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very nice.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Bernie Sanders speaks at UNR at 7pm-

Will live stream on Periscope: user ID Jeff Sullivan Photo (@jeffsullphoto on Twitter)
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Jeff Sullivan

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Walker Fire Glow Seen From Bodie
The Walker Fire in the Mono Basin casts orange light on clouds, as seen from Bodie during our workshop Saturday night. +Bodie Photo Workshops 
#nightphotography   #photographyworkshops   #easternsierra  
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Like am dreaming...
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Jeff Sullivan

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Supermoon Saturday is Coming!
Do you know where your moon will be?  With +PhotoPills you can figure it out!
#astrophotography   #astronomy   #supermoon   #moon   #photography  
You’re about to learn how to shoot pictures of the Supermoon that will give people goosebumps. Are you ready?
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Thank you for sharing and will give it a try. 
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Jeff Sullivan

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Yosemite Landscape Photography Guide
My new book covers California landscape photography locations from Yosemite south.  I'll have books in hand to sign and ship in about 2 weeks!  More information and ordering:

#california   #travelphotography   #guide   #book   #landscapephotography  
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+Richard Beebe  Good luck!  My schedule is up in the air right now, hard to say what state (or country) I'll be in.
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Jeff Sullivan

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"Photographing California" pre-orders open today!
Pre-orders open today for my new guidebook to California landscape photography locations:  

Pass on the news!  

This 320-page guide to California from Yosemite south is the latest volume in the popular collection of books by travel guide publisher Laurent Martres, who wrote the first three "Photographing the Southwest" books.  

Hopefully this first book of mine will sell well, so I can start another!
#california   #photography   #travel #book #landscapephotography
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+C haydeé Muchas gracias!.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Forest health in a changing world
My Yosemite Rim Fire night time-lapse clip appears 0:37-0:46 in this new educational video by +Science Magazine :…/special-issue-forest-health-ch… 
via Science

#science   #forests   #climatechange   #nightphotography  
The importance of forest health in maintaining a healthy planet
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that great
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Jeff Sullivan

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Bernie Sanders at the University of Nevada, Reno
I shot with my Canon DSLR and a 70-200 mm lens in my right hand, while broadcasting a live stream on Periscope via an iPhone in my left hand (great workout).  Pre-event estimates were forecasting 2500 to attend but estimates of actual attendance seem to range from 4000-5000, and Periscope said that 2717 more tuned in to the live broadcast from my iPhone! 

Although some recent comprehensive polls show Bernie ahead of all other presidential candidates from any party, apparently many states have closed primary or caucus primary elections, and you can't vote for a candidate like Bernie unless you register as a Democrat in time for the primary phase of the elections.  Take out moderate Republicans who want to see Citizens united repealed, and Hillary leads Bernie among Democratic-only voters, so voter restrictions in the primaries could eliminate popular candidates like Bernie and Trump before they reach the general election unless supporters make sure that they're registered in the party of the candidate they are most likely to support, and they vote in the primary election.

 Periscope user ID: Jeff Sullivan Photo,@jeffsullphoto on Twitter
#berniesanders   #BernieinReno   #berniesanders2016  
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It was the first time that I've attended a political speech +Barbara Matthews (although I saw Ronald Reagan speak at the STS-4 Space Shuttle landing in the early 1980s).  It's frustrating that +Bernie Sanders has the platform that best aligns with mainstream America, but the media treats him like a leper.  They know that he is the ONLY candidate who won't have superPACs spending millions on advertising.
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Jeff Sullivan

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Walker Fire Glow
The Milky Way rises from smoke glowing orange from the Walker Fire during our night photography workshop in Bodie, Saturday, August 15, 2015. +Bodie Photo Workshops 
#nightphotography   #starrynights   #photographyworkshops  
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Amazing shot
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