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It's NOT about the technology!
It's NOT about the technology!

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Do we have a timeline on the changeover to G Suite from GAFE? I have seen posts and even documentation on how to start from scratch, but nothing about when we will see the changes.

Am I missing something? Is there something my admin has to do?


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Hey all, my Network Admin just sent me this article. Looks like ChromeOS version 53 that is the current stable release is now blocking the use of Adobe Flash.

Per my admin: "This will not change and will rely on websites to allow HTML5 to work. There is no override for sites still using Flash only. Version 52, you could allow with a mouse-click, but not in version 53.

The only work around will be using lab computers that still support flash. We are having problems at the HS with Rosetta Stone and I'm sure others will be sure to follow. This could be our next big firestorm if standardized testing sites are not allowing HTML5 instead of Flash.

I will keep you posted if I see any more sites with this happening. Google leads, but sometimes, others are slow to follow."

Are any of the rest of you seeing this? What are you hearing from the testing companies about their readiness for the next round of testing?

Has anyone found a militarized or ruggedized chromebook hard shell that can be permanently attached to the Chromebook to protect it?

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We have had excessive issues with Cloud Printing this year. I located the following support article:

Teachers less and less excited about being told that Cloud Print is "Beta" and we are at the whim of Google. Has anyone else found a consistant fix for this?

Anybody currently having NWEA MAP Chrome app issues? We pushed the app to student ou, and they cannot access. If they take in wired labs, they are good-to-go.

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Added photos to CMS Surprise Assembly.

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You will want to make sure to check out this LIVE event at 8:00 AM CST today.

We can't give you more details, but this is a great education story!

Is anyone currently using Google FOrms or some type of add-on to facilitate a persmission slip system like Zipp Slips?

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Headers and Footers - the way you want them
One of your biggest requests (especially those of you who use Docs to write academic papers) is to be able to customize how headers and footers appear on the first pages of your documents. 

With today’s updates, you can now use different headers and footers on the first pages of your documents, which comes in handy for:
> Following academic formatting guidelines (e.g. MLA, CMS, APA)
> Starting page numbering on the second page
> Making a title page without headers or footers

After inserting a header or footer in your document you’ll see a new checkbox--just tick it and you’ll be able to set a different header and footer on the first page.

There’s also a new Insert > Page Number menu that lets you customize how and where you start your page numbers--like on the bottom of the second page, for example.
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Mr. Werfal and I signed our letters of intent to employ this afternoon, officially announcing our intent to return to Clintonville Middle School next year.
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