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These troopers are very elite. Very rare. And totally radical. Now on sale on Cotton Bureau for a limited time!

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I find myself questioning the Unrelenting Skeptic talent for Marshals, and how it works between PC and GM. How does a PC get targeted by a deception check? Wouldn't you normally want the PC to roll such encounters?

Any clarity from you all would be helpful.

Grabow walks out of the club to look for a speeder to take them to the kelerium processing plant.

Talking to Sin and CH-1, he says, "What do you think. Have someone drop us off there, or 'borrow' our own transportation? We can promise to give it back." He gives a smirk.

OOC: Did we come in a speeder or something? I can't remember now. :P

Also, is there any other information I might glean from a Knowledge check to learn more about this facility or Sector 943?

Grabow looks at Sin and Ch-1. "I say we pay Sector 943 a visit, and collect a bounty."

He then pauses and says, "Are you two ok? Need me to look at any wounds these thugs might have caused?"

Grabow will pick Speng up and face him towards Sin. 

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Grab, after getting hit with some brass knuckles, goes in a wookiee rage and lashes out at Guard 2.

Manuever: Aim
Action: Brawl
(free upgrade from last triumph)
1 success, 3 advantage

Grabow does 4 damage, +1 more for wookiee rage = 5 damage.
I’d like to use 2 advantage to knock down the guard, and the other advantage to maybe notice something that might give us a bit of help?

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OOC: Until we get it all figured out... ;)

Grabow swings around at Guard 2 and attacks.

(Assuming I'm already engaged with him)
Manuever: Aim
Action: Brawl
+ Boost from CH-1
1 failure, 3 advantage, 1 triumph

I swing, but the guard seemed prepared for the blow and dodges just in time. (3 advantage) As I come back with another swipe, I knock the guard's blaster out of his hands.

Feeling pretty confident now, (1 Triumph) I'll give an upgrade to my next check.

OOC: +lai tang Could you give us an idea where everyone is, and how far away the NPCs are from us?
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