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The Romans did not anticipate this problem.
The Romans did not anticipate this problem.

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I've been working on a side proiect this past year or so, which I've come to think of as "Experimental Trance." Essentially, I try to graft on ideas from other traditions or genres and see what happens. Some don't work super well (Renaissance polyphony didn't quite hit the mark), some are unsettling (borrowing chord progression from Philip Glass' "Einstein on the Beach" seems to make half of my test listeners groove, the other half cry), and some are just fantastic, including a piece I'm shopping around which has its DNA in Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians."

Experimenting with meters has been fruitful as well. I did a whole series in 5/4, and for such a 4-on -the-floor genre as EDM, I was a little surprised at how well it translated. It turns out it's the pulse that most people follow, not necessarily the whole bar. The latest is "Seventh Heaven," in 7/4, which is really just 4/4 + 3/4 throughout (with a single extra beat nestled in a surprise location). It's surprisingly smooth and danceable. But take a listen and do some experimenting and see for yourself!

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Happy Spring to you all! I’ve been traveling for a bit, but it’s important that this doesn’t slip through the cracks. Earlier this month, my track “Retour” was released on the excellent small label Optikal Recordings. It’s exclusive to Optikal, and it can only be bought from their online store -

There’s a youtube of the track you can listen to:

This is important to me for a few reasons. First, it’s probably my favorite track from the past few seasons, sweet and mysterious, and I’d love for you to have the chance to hear it. Secondly, by picking up up the track, you’re helping to support me as well as Optikal, who are working hard to support artists like myself who don’t easily fit into any other genre.

After a needed break post Insomnia Music, I’m back into the studio swing, and can’t wait to share with you all what is unfolding.

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I haven’t been sleeping well. I used to get frustrated and try to force myself back to sleep, but these days I just put on a pot of coffee and write music. Over the past few weeks I wrote a whole album in these hours, which I edited during the day.

You can get it here:

These seven tracks are raw, dreamy, inward-turning. They cut right to the core of my often conflicted feelings and thoughts. It’s the most direct thing I’ve brought out in some ways, and I’ve agonized over releasing it. At the end of the day my art is one of the few things I can share with the world, and I want to offer it to you. I hope it provides some comfort and ease.

Today, Friday 2/3, Bandcamp is donating their cut of the proceeds to the ACLU, and today I will donate my cut as well. I'll make the album available by other digital channels (Spotify, iTunes, etc) over the next few weeks.

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I have a new track I've been saving for y'all, "Under the Fire Petal." This is the first from this year's upcoming album.

Inspired my my amazing weekend at NECTR in the fall, where I was surrounded by so much love and creativity. Things are not ehe easiest right now, and it feels good to be able to tap into the positive and what's right with our lives and community.

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I'm in the process of closing up the studio for the year, and wanted to thank you all for supporting my musical endeavors in 2016. I’m grateful to everyone who bought an album, shared my music with people you know, or listened to even a second of a song.

It's been a crazy productive year for me. I've managed to put out 4 albums, write over 70 tracks, and improve both my process and my product. I’m already looking forward to the new year, the main project being getting more fluent with the business side of music and expanding my listener base.

It would mean a lot to me if you could follow Artemis Seven on Spotify if that’s your thing (I totally understand if you don’t). And if you like the music, tell people about it.

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When I started the November Album Project, I wasn’t anticipating that it would be such an, er, interesting, month. Art is a great way to work through things, and I took this project and turned myself inside out to create this album.

And it’s done, and it’s good. I’m pleased to announce “With Only the Stars,” a collection of seven ambient tracks. The main evocation is space travel, but it is also about feelings, it is about being lost and finding your way, and being amazed at the beauty of the universe as it reflects back to you from all facets. It is foreboding and sparkling all in good measure.

For the next few weeks I’m making it available for $1, though you can pay more if you like. There’s not a huge amount I can contribute to the world right now, but music is one. Please listen and enjoy and share. Thank you.

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A new October improvisation!

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Weavers, experienced or ambitious, would you like a Harrisville Designs 24" 4 shaft loom, with bench and all kinds of accessories? All you have to do it take it from my house, and it's yours!

(this is a picture of the same kind of loom I am offering)

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Taking a break from archives to give you a track from earlier this year! Apply The Standard is an etude focusing on increasing tempo, slow textural build, and looping elements of different lengths. Treating the instruments in the electronic ensemble as an orchestra. Ryuichi Sakamoto meets Underworld.

Free download here:
Listen on Soundcloud:
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