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Jeffrey Powers
Geek, Podcast Coach, Speaker, V-Caster, Google Glass Owner and Drummer
Geek, Podcast Coach, Speaker, V-Caster, Google Glass Owner and Drummer

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.@GripGearGlobal Motorized #Slider with 360 Attachment for Small #Cameras #gear #geekout

Sliders are great ways to get more motion out of your camera without having someone physically sit there moving the camera. Most sliders are pretty expensive – especially ones that are remote controlled. But GripGear is working to make a slider affordable…

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.@CamCaddie Lightweight Handle Helps Stabilize Video #cameragear #vidcon #geekout

Cameras are getting smaller and harder to grip at times. If you are trying to get video at cool angles, it’s harder to hold the camera and keep it stabilized. That is where Cam Caddie can help. Their lightweight handles allow you to not only hold the…

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Using an #iPad, @Tonebridgeapp, Tabs by @UltimateGuitar, and @iRig Stomp when Playing Your Guitar #musictech #geekout

If you’ve played guitar, you’ve seen other’s guitar pedal rigs. A big box filled with pedals and power cords so they can get the right sound for a song. But what if you could jam that all into one pedal? What if I said you can with an iPad, two apps, and…

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.@Geekazine is Attending @Vidcon 2017: with #Tips for you First Timers! #Vidconus #geekout

I will be at Vidcon 2017 to not only learn, but pass on my knowledge of creating online content. As a podcaster and video creator with 10 years of social experience, I am excited to grow my presence and build the skills I still lack. Geekazine Offers Some…

Vidcon I am curious how much of the podcasting community will be at this show. I will make my first appearance there after a great conversation with Jim Louderback. Hoping to get a lot of content for +Geekazine and make some connections I might have missed through other podcast channels.

Let me know if you are going. We should then connect!

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The #HPEDiscover 2017 Blogger Coffee Talk Live Stream

We’ll be live streaming the Blogger Coffee Talks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (June 6,7,8). All times are PST June 6th 10 AM – What’s HPE’s Strategy and Vision 10:30 AM – HPE Pointnext: Meet the Experts 12:00 PM – The Machine & Memory Driven…

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.@Netgear Nighthawk x10 Smart WiFi #Router Pros And Cons #review #geekout

The Netgear Nighthawk router is an 802.11ad router with a lot of power. In the short while I’ve had it, I have been impressed with the connectivity, along with the fact it actually can pull more bandwidth off my Internet modem. Let’s geek out over all the…

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If you are going to WWDC this year, podcasters will have a place to work. You better get your reservations in, though. I think it will fill up fast.

Let us know in the comments if you are going to be live at WWDC!

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.@Dell and @Intel Realize Transformation Booth at #DellEMCWorld 2017 #event #Podcast

Customers are being empowered with data and technology that Dell and Intel are working on. From the farm, to the car, security, and more. The Realize Transformation area at Dell EMC World 2017 showed off some of the cool innovations customers can use to…

Happy Memorial Day - New Category: Podcaster Testimonials

I have created a new category in this forum called "Podcaster Testimonials". This is so you can give kudos to a podcaster for their work in the podcast arena. Maybe they helped you understand a product. Maybe they gave you their old microphone. Maybe they just went above and beyond to make you feel good.

Rules for posting a testimonial:
- For Podcaster Praise only
- Must write a paragraph as to why you give this person praise
- If it looks Spammy, it will be removed, so keep it to text only (But add the person's name or show name if it's on Google+ [using the @ ]
- Give a podcaster some credit today!
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