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How to remove the #whitespace from Google+
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The problem with zooming in though is that you don't see as much anymore at one time which means you have to scroll more. For Chrome users, there's this extension which not only removes the white space but also centers the stream:
You know, I can't wait until Google release whatever it is they want to put in that space and all of douches who have decided that less white space in one place instead of more on both sides of the stream is too much for them and installed plugins or done silly things like this won't know about it until last.
You said "Chrome Extension" +Mike Stenger . When Google changes things, this extension will be dead and running in the background. Besides, extensions take up more resource.
+Jeffrey Powers True, but there's not really any other options at this point. Zooming in will work for some, but not everyone. Good video.
I'd prefer +Google+ to have the #whitespace fixed, and the feed area flex.
bish s
I'm sorry... but the reason people have bigger or higher resolution monitor is not because they want larger font - it is because they want to see more content. Zooming in just gives you an illusion of filled space without helping you see more content. You might as well get an old 800*600 CRT monitor to visit Google+ and then you will see "less" white space without even having to learn how to zoom in or out!
I'm with +bish s I want more content. I have to scroll too much when it's zoomed in that much.
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