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Question of the Day - The Effects of Family Do you have the support of your household when its time to do the podcast? For many, the noise has to be at a low-level and nobody can be using the Internet for high-bandwidth tasks. Does your spouse get frustrated because you're not cuddling? Do the kids try to rebel? Will the Dog howl at the moon? Does the cat jump on your keyboard? 

Let us know what you do to counter all that.
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I have support from the wife but when it comes to the kids. I get the oh he is podcasting again.
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Jeffrey Powers

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Jeffrey Powers

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From +Day in Tech History - Pac-Man Fever song by Buckner & Garcia hit #9 on the top 100 hits. It was a loose parody of "Cat Scratch Fever". The album of video game theme songs also had a smaller hit with "Do the Donkey Kong".

#80smusic   #pacman   #pacmanfever   #history   #geekhistory   #geekout  
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I still have the album...
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Sweet. I officially met #LexLuthor last year. #JesseEisenberg #geekout
The mark of a good villain is how he knows to stop monologuing before he gives away too much of his plan. That’s also the mark of a good superhero...
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Jeffrey Powers

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Jeffrey Powers

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Jeffrey Powers

General Podcast Discussion  - 
Twitter Bomb Shame List to help you weed out those bombers, I created a spreadsheet (editable) of those who bomb their audio. Its important to unfollow those people or message them to stop twitter bombing. Go to the list and add a name.
TwitterBomb Shame ListSheet1 Twitter Handle @ solo18995
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What's bombing?
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Jeffrey Powers

Podcast Announcements  - 
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I don't get it. How is this separate from Podcast Movement, and why a separate ticket?
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Jeffrey Powers

General Podcast Discussion  - 
Question of the Day - Podcast Twitter Bombing: Good or Bad For those of you who don't know, podcast Twitter bombing is where you take your full MP3 URL and shorten it to post up on Twitter (or another social network) as its own post. When people click on it, the audio starts to play instead of going to a website. 

Another bomb would point you to the iTunes page, which in some cases will ask you to open up iTunes to continue. Those cases annoy me more. 

Further, do you get quality listens or just a way to drive numbers? Is there a way to craft a Twitter bomb? For example, a good quality Twitter bomb might go: 

My title to the #podcast  {more quality hashtags} LINK TO AUDIO:{MP3 file}

A sketchy tweet would be: 

Listen to my show: {tons of trending hashtags} {MP3 file}

Another tactic is some podcasters will create several Twitter accounts to retweet the bomb posted. You might see it because they use the trending tags.  

I have clicked on those bombs and instantly knew it was a podcast in which I backed out. 

So with that said, what are your thoughts of Twitter bombing? Do you do it? If so, does it bring quality listeners to your show? 
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Twitter bombing Good for the Ol' ego, but no Bueno for results. Yeah you can have 500,000 downloads but if no one real is hearing your show then the numbers are useless. Ask those twitter bots and the people who trip over that link to go to a sponsor, if you get even one... I would be surprised.

The people who are twitter bombing are the same people who are in a couple years from now going to say podcasting doesn't work. You can't make money from podcasting. And to those people I would say, stop trying to play the system and apply a little effort and you might of succeeded.
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Podcaster, V-Caster, Podcast Coach, Social Media Creator, Google Glass owner, Drummer.

I create Podacsts and Video podcasts at Geek Smack! (, Day in Technology History (, Special Media Feed (for special events like CES, reviews and interviews) 

iPad365 ( is an app a day for the next 365 days!

This Week in Google Glass (TWIGG) at www.TWIGG.TV - Learn about Google Glass with myself and Googler Luke Wallace

I am a proud member of the Tech Podcasts network. You can find them at

CES LIVE COVERAGE with the TPN CES team! check out for more!

Podcast Coach

I write about how to work your Podcast plan and podcast your passions over at Are you starting a podcast? Let me help!

I am also owner of the Podcasters Community at G+ - the largest community for podcasters on Google. Come on over and talk #Podcast with me and the group!

What is a Social Media Creator?
Do you need to put audio or video on the web? Don't know where to start? Don't know how to do it? ASK ME! I can help you get a media presence online!

Want to Help Write for Geekazine? Build your blogging skills! Contact me here!


I constantly try to build my brand while juggling a big schedule. For the most part I am a one man band, with the exception of a few that have joined on to help now and then. You can keep up on what I am doing by Subscribing to Geekazine Email Alerts

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My Video Gear: I use Sony Handycams for video. I create audio on an Alesis MultiMix 8 and record on my computer using Sony Acid Music Studio, Sony Movie StudioAdobe CS Software and Wirecast Webcasting software

I am a big proponent of cutting the cord (have you done that yet?) I mostly watch shows through my Roku 3 Streaming Player.

During my downtime, I am playing guitar or drums. My band - Trailer Kings - plays on a regular basis during the summer. Otherwise, I'll just be working on my solo acoustic act. 

I have spoke for many events locally and nationally. Most recent was the Power of Google Glass. Another great one was with Mignon Fogarty on Expirable vs. Evergreen content. 

Other Google Plussers to Follow

If you want to say hi, then drop a line here. Thanks!
Occupation - Podcaster, Videographer, Musician, Speaker, Interviewer, Lost Soul at Geekazine.
Podcasting, Video, Information Technology, Blogging, Speaking
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iLuv: Travel Accessories DreamTraveler, RockWall, Mo’Beats – CES 2012 - ...

I don't trust hotel alarm clocks. In fact, I unplug the clock and plug my iPhone in the same area. Someone at iLuv must do the same thing, b

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360 Degree Sound from a little gadget? That is what the Lil' Wiz does. A small speaker that fills the room. Best part is, you don't have to

One of my favorite spots to get work done. Great food (Sonoma Chicken Sandwich is one of my favs), many choices of coffee and tea. Yola's is also active in Social Media Breakfast, so it's a destination to meet with clients and interact. WiFi is free and a little more secure than the others around Madison. Staff is friendly and will help you if you need it. Walk up and say hi to Lance and Lisa.
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Awesome pizza, and many good extras! If you want a specialty pizza like the Margarita, Chicken Alfredo, etc. They are the place to go. If you order online, the system is a little buggy. I had to restart my pizza order a couple times. There was no way to delete the order otherwise.
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Just was over there. Awesome store, fresh look. If you go to the mall for Apple help, you might be sitting for a while because it's always busy. But by coming over here, you are able to surpass the crowd and get one-on-one support.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Many a Gyro craving was satisfied with Parthenon.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
7 reviews
I enjoy AJ Bombers burgers whenever I can. They have some great twists on the craft of making a hamburger, and their other sandwiches are pretty tasty, too. Need some peanuts? Their bombers can get you a bowlfull in a jiffy. And they're a lot of fun to watch.
Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Lots of Greasy Fries, peanuts and burgers. That is what Five Guys are all about. If you are hungry, you will get fed. The food is so-so. Not my first choice for where to eat.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
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If you are going to the game or just want to hang out on State Street with friends in a business that says "Madison", then State St. Brats is it.
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