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“If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes chairman of the Senate budget committee?,” Ryan said, according to the Nation. “A guy named Bernie Sanders. Ever heard of him? That’s what we’re dealing with here if we lose control of the Senate.”

Ryan’s hit on Sanders backfired, badly. Citing Ryan’s comments in a fundraising blast, Sanders was able to raise just under $2 million in two days for about a dozen Democratic Senate and House candidates — furthering his chances of actually becoming budget committee chair.

Well, there you go. Even if you're a Bernie supporter planning to boycott the election because you can't stand Hillary, there's a reason to get out and vote down-ballot.
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Jeffrey Ollie

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A conservative rationale for continuing to lean toward voting for Trump is abortion/SCOTUS, but nat sec prof at the Naval War College says that's a mistake:

Here's why Trumpers (and folks like Hugh Hewitt) should stop asking #NeverTrump guys like me about policy or SCOTUS. /1

Because this election is no longer about policy. I don't care what Hillary's views are on abortion or taxes. (I do, but not right now). /2

I especially don't care about Trump's view on anything, because he doesn't have any. He has no policies. No plans. Just Trump. /3

Instead, the election is now between two groups: those supporting a direct attack on our system of government, and everyone else. /4

This is no longer conservatives vs liberals, or Dems vs GOP. This an ignorant mob trying to destroy the Constitution vs the rest of us. /5

At this point, Trump's platform is a farrago of Russian-inspired demands to destroy our system, in order to save his delicate ego. /6

Trump's advisors, a clutch of opportunists and kooks, are pushing mad conspiracies. They are thus at odds with all other Americans. /7

In effect, Trump has removed politics from this election. It's now about where we all stand on protecting our system of government. /8

I'm #NeverTrump because I believe in our system, our elections, and our democratic culture, including the peaceful transfer of power. /9

If you think this is still abt SCOTUS or abortion or anything but your right to vote without threats or foreign influence, you're wrong. /10

Take your arguments about right vs left somewhere else. In my view, this is now an election solely about preserving our democracy. /11x

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