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I know G+ started giving some users/pages the option to get a custom URL for their G+ personal and business pages last August. Has anyone been able to do this yet? Is there any way to get one quicker?
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+Jeffrey Lapin Google has announced that they will make "vanity URLs" available to the general public upon request but not set a date for when that will happen. At this point, businesses can apply for vanity URLs but they are only available by invitation for individuals.
They kept offering me "Want Learn English", but as I teach English I wasn't impressed.  They never gave me what I asked for "Learn English Network" even though it's the name of the organisation.  Sigh. 
Thanks for the responses everyone. Seems like you have to be a big advertiser, a celebrity or just get lucky.
Yeah that's what I've noticed haha. The only reason i got it I think is because I had a verified account. 
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