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I've got a situation for which I would love some advice from the Adwords experts here...

I've got a client who spent $4k+ on a brand new website developed from scratch by a local web developer for whom I have a lot of respect. We're talking custom-designed CMS and the accompanying on site SEO. This website is only about 6 months old (domain is much older). So, my client wants to change search marketing companies ( no names but starts with a Y and ends with a W" ) and they are promising him a brand new free website on their platform along with $800 of Adwords for $400. What amounts to about 1 month of online ads for my client.

The search marketing salesman says that the current site has "old code" on it I.e. It's not HTML5. And as far as he knows, no one else is using HTML5. (He really said that.) According to him, Google Adwords judges their quality score based on whether websites are coded using HTML5.
I think it might have something to do with whether the site is mobile friendly or not. Anyway, here's the site if you want to take a look

So that's my question: is an HTML5 coded site necessary for an effective search marketing campaign?

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"Going Mobile – Consumers vs. SMBs"
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