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Sadly due to a car conflict I had to take my wife's car to work today.

I know, it's unfortunate that I didn't get my usual 36mpg, and who really wants to tool around in a GT with a Rausch kit? 
Great Uptown, Houston, Texas
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We both know what she is going to say, but tell her I said that you do not have to give it back.
She might very well be.  I can say without any sense of pride that when we watch any show that says "don't try this at home, you might kill someone" right before a demonstration of some sort of escria or ju-jitsu move she usually winds up executing with perfection, ending with me saying something along the lines of "ow."
We bought this used last year.  My step-daughter was shopping a new vehicle as she was 7 months pregnant at the time.  This rolled up as a trade-in and I thought "every grandmother should have a muscle car.  It's law or something."
+Stephen Kershaw I didn't want to be mean but lol. It's a Ford and not a Shelby.... 's all I've got to say, but I'd still probably drive it (but I'd probably still drive it, though obviously not my first choice).
+Daniel Golightly that's not mean, it's your opinion which is fine.

The guy I eventually blocked is just trolling because I called him out in another thread for a strange pattern of thought.
Oh, and to be fair, it has most of the Rausch kit under the hood without the external flare.  I'm finishing that kit up later this summer (maybe fall).

It's definitely not the stock 300hp at the flywheel car it looks like.
lol. Strange patterns of thought. There should be a law.
Nice.  I've got a 1985 Mercedes 560SEL (German muscle in a sedan format)... 300BHP and 0-60 in 7.... considering its year and it's a giant sedan.  Meh.  But you're right about that Rausch kit.  Good pick.  Much better than the wussy that is almost any stock Ford.
Are you going full out with the external when you do finish it off? Or is it going to be more of a sleeper?
Sticking with sleeper. It truly is a grandmother grocery getter.

Most of the suspension and the brakes are upgraded too.
That's good about the suspension, though. Ford aren't exactly known for their ability to corner well (unless in the hands of someone like Ken Block, who I'm sure could drive an oiled brick well).  In either case, sleeper is the way to go.  Nothing like pissing off people who spend way more time on looks than usability.
I've got an offroad truck project as well, but if I didn't have that I'd be doing a sleeper crown vic with the same setup.
is this guy still obsessing about me? wow... talk about a fan club
How cute. No, nobody was talking about you at least in 5 days. Looks like it's just you obsessing about you +Stephen Kershaw
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