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500px folks are driving me crazy. They tell me they want a Lightroom plugin, pledge to work with me so that I can provide one to their users, but then ignore my mails. Am about ->||<- this close to walking away.
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ask them to show you the $$$$ They first need a concept of sets and collections, and lots more organization tools...
I don't understand "show you the $$$$". I just want some respect in a timely reply; I don't do these for myself, I do them for Lightroom users, and in this case, for their users.
Thanks for your hard work. I don't know how you keep on top of all the changes and updates for all the plugins you wrote...
Why "Show me the $$"? Because when people have to spend money on something, they give it a lot more respect than if they don't.
Tim, even with Jeffrey's comment above, it doesn't seem that you grasp that money is not the driving passion behind Jeffrey's excellent Lightroom plugins.
This isn't about "the driving passion" behind Jeffrey's plugins, it's about getting the respect he deserves and the responsiveness he needs from 500px. In my professional life I also run a user group, and people give a lot more attention and respect to something they pay for than for something they can get for free. If something's free people can take it or leave it and it doesn't matter because they have nothing invested in the effort. If Jeffrey had told 500px "Sure, I'll make one, and it'll cost $5K, with 50% due up front", he'd find out real quick whether or not 500px were serious about having a plugin made.
(FWIW, $5K would barely get things going, were I to do this as contract work. But then it'd be work, which I don't want. I also never charge for my photography, for the same reason: I want it to be a pleasure.)

I think they're just too busy to realize how they come across. If they'd said "yeah, we'd love a plugin from you, but we just don't have the time" things would have been cool... I can definitely respect that. But that's not what's happening.
Yeah, who wants this passion to become work?
@Jeffrey- that's why I picked that number. :) As for "work vs pleasure" - why can't work be fun? I charge a reasonable fee for what I do for a living, and I enjoy most of it. :) As long as there isn't a hard deadline and the deliverables are reasonable, then what's the harm in charging a token amount to someone who asks you to make something for them so they'll take you and your time seriously?
I think it's more than a little disappointing. I've heard them mention on their blog and twitter that a plug-in for Lightroom is coming this summer. I noticed that this isn't the first time that they've not responded to your emails on time. If they're still looking for your help to get the users a plug-in, they probably meant next summer then. Explains why I can't seem to get an answer, let alone a straight answer on where the plug-in is!
If I were 500px, I would be offering you stock in the company to get a plugin or any other lavish gifts...

Taking money means its a job, and the dealing with client expectation.. But I don't mind donations...
Judging by the pictures that are on 500px, I'd have to assume a lot of the photographers use Lightroom for their post processing.

A plug-in would only make the workflow process complete and efficient, driving more images to the site. I love every one of your plug-ins for other services I use, and am waiting with bated breath for this one too!
They may well be working on a plugin on their own, or with someone else... that was my assumption when I got no reply when I reached out to them initially.

And +Tim Kuehn , for the record, I reached out to them. If you want a story about a company that reached out to me, asked me for my help for free, then totally treated me like arrogant pricks, let me tell you about the jerks at DeviantArt...
Ah - if you reached out to 500px instead of the other way around, then that's a bit different.
Tim, I think this is really a microcosm of the age-old argument between open source/freeware software vs. commercial products.

Clearly there is demand for both, and both models provide reward both to the producers and consumers. I guess this is an example where the adage "different strokes for different folks" applies! :-)
+Evgeny Tchebotarev I've been in Ohio for the last month. I've gotten no email from Arseniy about the API except one in July saying he wanted my opinion on the developing API, and then nothing until a note last weekend referring me to your dev site. No reply to my notes since.
+Evgeny Tchebotarev , sorry, but don't see them even in my spam folder, so if sends again and I don't respond, it's not reaching me and so please ping me here.
Got to love it when the internets email breaks down.....
I have been waiting on a plugin from 500px, they seem to not care. I have also sent email ansking about it in the past. Too bad they do not realize what you can offer
I understand your frustration Jeffrey. Too bad as it means I won't consider 500px for a while.
I had been impressed with 500px, but only because of the community that seems to gather there. You're tops, Jeffrey, and the folks at 500px missed a great opportunity both in developing the API and a great plugin.
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