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Now let me make a case why cash should remain and checks are much better then credit cards!

Cash is good because i dont think i have to tell the government every time i get a money as a gift from a family member that it was a gift!

When you have rich people pushing money to off shore accounts to skip tax payments, cash is the little guys swiss account. so maybe you should worry more about those hiding the millions including, i am sure, some politicians in a different country. Side not, my business tracks all income!

Checks cost me nothing to deposit and cost my clients nothing to give. Mobile deposits allow for quick and instant deposit into my account. Cc are take longer and charge fees.

Cash is actually very clean. I think myth busters did something on this.

Credit cards are the number one debt when people file for bankruptcy.

In general, cash itself isnt the problem. Should cash be reinvented to cost less to produce, sure why not. But to trust mastercard among anyone to control the flow of the economy (and to tax, in a way, every transaction regardless of its purpose) is absurd. 
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I agree cash is the best but when you have major bills to pay rent/mortgage, insurance, utilities etc.... I prefer cards. They are just simpler and easier.
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