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Jeffrey Disastronaut
Jeffrey of the band Disastronaut, Filmmaker, Composer and Remixer
Jeffrey of the band Disastronaut, Filmmaker, Composer and Remixer

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Wandering Lonely as a Kisylak 

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Jeffrey Louis-Reed ----- Classical haha in Hell ---- in HELL XX 

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BIG DEAL No7 <> SPACE 2016

In association with Geoff Leong Foundation



39 - 41 Whitcomb Street, London WC2 7DT

Leicester Square / Piccadilly Circus

Private View

Thursday 1st December 2016

6 - 9 PM

Exhibition open

2nd - 10th December 2016

For Daily Viewings & Further Events Info

contact >

Geoff Leong Foundation is happy and proud to announce this spectacular

multimedia group exhibition set to open in a multi-storey underground car

park situated in the heart of Soho, West End over the period of 10 days. An

amalgamation of imaginary ideas and processes related and created as a

response to the genre of Science Fiction, this exhibition will feature works in

the media of sculpture, photography, painting, film, video and audio

installations by some 100 international artists and guest students from RCA.

The possible and impossible worlds in Space and our own planet Earth open

up vast scope for redefining of our collective fears and visions of the future.

As a mirror for societies and equally an inspiration for participating artists, the

ubiquitous themes of sci-fi genre remain ever relevant and far fetching.

Androids, Artificial Intelligence and Robots raise the issue of difference

between man and machine. Whether it is dealing with Aliens or Unknown

Other, Environmental pollution and demise of our planet, Totalitarian Systems

and its omnipresent surveillance or Mass Consumerism controlled by Tech

industries which trade Space, we are left with the monotonous desire to

remain connected, wired. Are we not alone? Our vision has narrowed down to

a technocratic , highly efficient and fully automated society whilst artistic

communities retreat underground to protect and salvage what is left remaining

of a civilised world . We happily conjure a very peaceful vision of Neptune or

Jupiter expedition and its ultimate failure.

Special guests from Royal Collage, co curated by Kevin Walker @ Information/

Experience/Design will feature and present two ideas; The Exploding Screen

and Time Machines. Students working on the Exploding Screen are presenting

an installation based on Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World, working with

set design studio Block 9 and engaging with film and moving image in the

broadest sense. Students working at the Time Elective are creating Time

Machines. These works push beyond the conventional idea of a machine that

transports us to the past or future, exploring technologies, objects, social and

narrative structures and systems ( including biological ones ) that make time

feel the way it does, and materialise alternatives to the notions of time that we

experience in the present.

"Supporting Arts is an important part of bringing incredible ideas and works to

be evaluated and engaged with by the art critics, art lovers and public in

general, giving them the opportunity to view it in a different way. Art in this

case themed around the idea of Science Fiction, Information Technology and

Design will make it an inspiring exhibition which will bring an element of

interaction, innovation and play for those who come and view it. Expect the

unexpected. There really is nothing like it in the world of art we see today, the

engaging of artists and the public in perfect harmony."

Geoff Leong Foundation 2016

BIG DEAL is an annual non profit exhibition project established in the

summer of 2008 by artist duo Emma CROFT & Vanya BALOGH. Designed to

observe and re examine the role of art and its placement during the prolonged

economic downturn, BIG DEAL serves as a forum for curatorial and artistic

ideas that highlight and critique often disputed and fragile relationship

between Art, Commerce and Business. Now celebrating its 9th anniversary,

this years historic 10th exhibition is officially the very last group show in this

series of off-site projects, which featured over 500 international artists and

took place across various locations in London since December 2008.


Participating artists @ SPACE 2016

Warren Thomas Garland <> Alice Herrick <> Colin Smith

Dallas Seitz <> Maslen & Mehra <> Ibby Doherty <> Jim Racine

Stacie McCormick <> Cedric Christie <> Jessica Voorsanger

Vanya Balogh <> Gordon Faulds <> Roger Clarke <> Karen Ay

Steve Smith <> Phoenix-Blu Coyle <> Mario Varas Sanchez

Veronica Shimanovskaya <> Julian Firth <> Danny Pockets

Tomaz Kramberger <> Aldo Giannotti <> VALISextonSystems

Eva Raboso <> Pascal Rousson <> Sarah Pager <> Keith Ball

India Roper-Evans <> Miyuki Kasahara <> Michal Ohana-Cole

Ashley Scott Fitzgerald <> Marisa Polin <> Taline Temizian

Jessica Bailey <> Calum F Kerr <> Jude Cowan Montague

Doug Haywood <> Mandee Gage <> Hermione Allsopp

Birgitta Hosea <> Geraldine Swayne <> Susana Sanroman

Mark Woods <> Gzillion Artist <> Ekin Onat <> Rebecca Scott

Phillip Raymond Goodman & DJ Holy Chao <> Liz Sheridan

Spizz Energi <> Rachel Megawhat <> Susan Supercharged

Sarah Sparkes <> Mark Wigan <> Bob Lawson <> Ot Lylie

Fiona Haines <> Lee Maelzer <> Paul Sakoilsky <> Keith Ball

Andrea Morucchio <> Toni Gallagher <> Jeffrey Louis-Reed

Raul Pina Perez <> Alina Gavrielatos <> Joseph Sakoilsky

Tomaz Kramberger <> Negin Vaziri <> Thomas J Ridley

Glen Fitzy Fitzpatrick <> Toni Gallagher <> Dannielle Hodson

Jane Grisewood <> Harrrison Pearce <> Joanna McCormick

Nadia Ballan <> Sung Eun Chin <> Ray Gange <> Blair Zaye

Uliana Apatina <> Kevin Walker <> Jonny Raven <> Mona K

John Plowman <> Jonny Raven <> Julian Firth <> Paul Tucker

Forge & Cutter <> Ansell Cizic <> Christopher Clack

Special Guests from Royal College Of Art

Curated by Kevin Walker @ Information/ Experience/ Design

Managed by Helga Schmidt and Charlotte Jarvis

Alexandra Bousi <> Emilie Alstrup <> Jack Brown

Emily Cole <> Evgeniya Grigoryan <> Vivian Hartung

Franziska Hatton <> Jennifer Kidd <> Georgi Stamenov

Ruini Ishi <> Sara Stanton <> Olivia Sullivan <> Kate Amery

Katharina Wienen <> Hyunsong Lee <> Franc Camps-Ferber

Daniele Gannetti <> Charikla Papas <> Silke Steidinger

Kana Aoki <> Oscar Warr <> Junhyeok Sin <> Daniel Matzak

Makiko Takashima
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