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Jeffrey Dhywood

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Audacious, well-planned and executed, there are no words to describe the most spectacular evasion of the century of the most powerful drug lord in the world. And no better illustration of the dismal failure of the war on drugs.
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Jeffrey Dhywood

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World-War-D: a meticulous, logical and reasoned indictment of the war on drugs and prohibitionism; a detailed roadmaps to controlled re-legalization. Spread the word around you! Help raise awareness to the urgency of global drug policy reform!
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Jeffrey Dhywood

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When Jason Collins came out of the closet on Monday, he got a call of support from President Obama and ex-president Clinton.
 When Michael Phelps was caught smoking pot, he was disciplined and had to apologize profusely even though President Obama and ex-president Clinton both smoked pot in their youth.
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Jeffrey Dhywood

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The real crime is to give control of the illegal drug marketplace to organized crime. 
 Are organized societies capable and willing to manage and control psychoactive substances, instead of leaving it to organized crime?
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Jeffrey Dhywood

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Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina is emerging as an unlikely leader in the fight for global drug policy reform.
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Jeffrey Dhywood

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It will take more than words to drive to the  polls people who otherwise rarely bother to vote but nonetheless contributed substantially twice to Obama's victories: drug policy reform advocates.
Be Sociable, Share! With mid-term elections around the corner, politicians of all strides are feverishly hunting for catch phrases and catch themes, and a growing number of democrats, as well as a sizable part of Republicans, have come to realize … Continue reading →
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Jeffrey Dhywood

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Deep roots into society of Narco-trafficking & organized crime: 
The longer narco-trafficking is allowed to flourish, the deeper the roots it grows into society, the harder it becomes to eradicate it.
Alcohol prohibition lasted only 13 years, but it took the US, the most powerful country on earth, more than 50 years to somewhat curb the power of the mafias.
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Investigative writer - Author of "World War-D: the case against prohibitionism. A roadmap to controlled re-legalization."
Born in Europe, I earned a master degree in Mathematics and Logics from a prestigious French school. I got involved at various levels of the drug scene in the early 70s and was closely stricken by the tragedy of drug abuse. I moved to the US in the early 1980’s to start a natural health business which reached wide international distribution and was intimately involved in marketing and P.R. I wrote a book on a natural health related topic published in 1990, which is still in print and was translated into Spanish, Portuguese and German. I wrote numerous articles and gave countless lectures and seminars throughout the world. I am very familiar with public speaking and made several TV appearances.
  • Universite Paris V
    Logics/model theory
Freelance writer - investigative reporting, drug policy analyst
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  • Columbia Communications Inc
    Author of "World War D – The Case against prohibitionism, roadmap to controlled re-legalization", 2010 - present
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