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Agile Coach, Trainer, and Engaging Speaker
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Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL - West Lafayette, IN - Park Forest, IL - Dallas, TX - Phoenix, AZ
Founder of Great Teams, LLC - Engaging Speaker at your next event
Howdy. This is another virtual representation of me. I am an agilist and I help teams become better. I also love to speak with a crowd and help them get to the next place, too. I like being a team builder and a consultant so much I founded Great Teams, LLC. 

I've been called many things, but I prefer Jeffrey. Unless of course you knew me in college and I answer to CRASH. 

I like to read. Even more, I like to talk. I love to train and mentor people. I like poker, but I shouldn't play past the homegame level. I am very good at being a dad. I have a good relationship with my wife, but I want it to be better, I want it to be great. 
  • Purdue University
  • William R Harper College
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Jeffrey Davidson

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Wow, writing the BDDs. 

+Liz Keogh and all the other great practitioners would tell you it's about building the understanding. The writing is just something you do at the end to capture some of that. 
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Yes, the residue left  over.
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Jeffrey Davidson

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In this post I am interviewed by colleague +Josh Fruit about Change and what a team goes through as it transitions to agile development. 
Welcome to our first installment of Coaching Office Hours with Davisbase! Each month we will select one Agile transformation topic to briefly explore with a Davisbase Coach. We encourage you to submit your questions and the topics you are interested in via twitter @davisbase with hashtag #askDavisbase or via email at
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Jeffrey Davidson

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Congratulations on your first YouTube video! Your production values are top notch. I am very impressed.

Jeffrey Davidson

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Jeffrey Davidson

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Are you looking to learn more about being a Product Owner? Do you need to solve the problem of figuring out the right stuff to build?

Check out this 50% OFF Sale on +Kent McDonald's new book. Order your copy of "Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset" this weekend and get a serious discount!

If you are looking to paint a complete picture of analysis in projects and how it can be applied to make those projects more effective, then this is the resource for you! Get your copy if you need any of these thing:
  • understanding stakeholder needs
  • identifying constraints on solutions that satisfy those needs
  • identifying potential solutions
  • describing the most preferred solution
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Jeffrey Davidson

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The only contests I consistently enter are from @ramit. I trust him, and this one is cool! 
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Jeffrey Davidson

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I will be there, too! Come see us all.
Will you be at #MSPPDD next week? Be sure to visit our table and attend our instructor, Heather's, presentation to learn her BA Jedi super power! 
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Jeffrey Davidson

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I have installed Sidekick on Chrome for Gmail. It's been a couple minutes and I like it so far. Feel free to use the link to give it a try. 
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Jeffrey Davidson

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Jeffrey Davidson

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A skeptical PM describes how to make agile reliable. I need to watch this again. 

I'd be interested in what others think, some of whom I've tagged.
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... oh I'm also interested about feedback and discussions - i like them :-)


p.s.: sice 2013 a lot happened - and there is much stuff to get feedback on ...

* there is more practice ...
* and the book "Tame the Flow" is available as real book
* and the enterprise ascpect is described (and it works in practice also) in another book
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Jeffrey Davidson

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Great idea from module #2: Have a promise statement - the tagline on every single page of your website describing the promise and outcomes of your work
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