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<game rant>

So I finished Horizon Zero Dawn. It is undeniably my favorite game of the past several years.

I grabbed TitanFall 2 on sale on Amazon because people I know have said good things. I also tried Overwatch this weekend since it was free to play.

I guess I'm getting old because these game fail me. They promise I can be awesome. And then I spend most of my time getting head shot by people I don't even see. So not awesome. The interface, at least on Overwatch, throws things at you at a furious pace, and explains precious little.

I get that T2 and Overwatch are FPSs not RPGs, but man if thats the cream of the FPS crop, I'm out. Very obvious I'm not their target audience. Maybe I never was, but Quake and Unreal were fun back in the day.

I picked up Assassin's Creed Black Flag on the strength of it being an open world adventure. It hits some of the same notes as HZD, but the object detection is sub par, the climbing is rampant with mistakes where I dive off of things rather than hop up, and the tailing missions are annoying. Guess it just goes to showcase how much better HZD is. Its only been 4 years since Black Flag released, but it has made a huge difference.

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Because I need this some mornings.

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Some HZD screenshots. Still doesn't do the game justice.

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I've been on PS3 for a long time. The games are cheap and fun, and I tend not to like to ride the new game hype train. But recently I got a PS4 and am on a current gen console for the first time in about 10 years. And my wife gave me HZD as an early bday present.

Wow, just wow. WoW.

The game feels so big, so well realized, and is so beautiful. It brings back my sense of awe for video games.

I'm a whopping 5h/8% in and I still just stop and stare at the beauty of the world...

Cannot recommend highly enough.

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Just take my money, I obviously don't need it...

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So that sucks.... 2016 apparently just won't get any better...

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This made me feel a little better, so I'll leave it here...

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Leaving this here...
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