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While I do like Google+, I don't love having to share an ITM link separately on Google+ and Facebook and Twitter. Is there a company in India that will do this for me?
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I'm sure it'll be a matter of days before there's a 3rd- (4th-, 5th-, 6th-) party solution for posting across all platforms.
I already have a messenger that lets me access pretty much every chat function known to mankind, so it's probably right around the corner.
I can't wait a matter of days. That is FOREVER in internet terms. Google Double Plus may have arrived by then.
There's a widget for Chrome, I think, that will crosspost between FB and G+...
Sarah, that was interesting ... I will give it some thought. I think I'm just not yet at the point where I can think of Google+ as something that different from FB and Twitter. What would you post here that you wouldn't elsewhere? (and I know youa ren't a heavy FB user)
I'm really not sure, yet. I used to do FB more, but not sure why it slowed down. One thing I like so far about G+ is that a lot of my tweeps are here, and things I'd want to share w them, but not publicly--photos, more personal stuff--I can do here. I guess I'm hoping to see what in figure out as I move forward.
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