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Alpha quality #CM10  based build for ATT #galaxynote  
Completely unsupported - lots of breakage!

If that didn't scare you off, flash the cm zip, then h0tkernel zip, then the 20120717 jb gapps package from

Based on the length of time it took to get this far, it's clear to me that CyanogenMod project is moving like a boss on to Jelly Bean.  Tons of CM goodies are already in there, with the more pesky features (themes  and trebuchet) taking a back seat to stability and chipset support.
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You're the man! I'll give this try when I have some downtown to play around with it. Very promising! A buddy of mine told me he wouldn't buy a Samsung because all of the different versions of the same phone make it difficult to support. I just laugh at him now. lol
Well , Nandroiding my current H0t setup here and will be testing this thing out to see whats broken... ;)
Should the h0tkernel-internel zip be used?
Thanks dude! Gonna flash soon
+1 on "Should the h0tkernel-internel zip be used?"
I'm flashing very soon (backing up now)
I'll report back on if the internal zip works.
They need a CM10 boot animation LOL. is working.
Zak: Thank you for the feedback. Excited to give it a go.
William: Nice!
Zak: When I last used system tuner on CM9 to force both core it didn't stick, any suggestions?
Awesome work, thank you! The speed on the CM10 development is blowing my mind...
Zak: Gotcha, thank you!
coming from your cm9 build having issues flashing (status 7 ) :( Will figure this out i think is latest ... but will see
Matt: I have as the latest. Are you using Touch CWR?
Going to be flashing Touch in a second. 
Matt: If I am correct you need to be on CWR not CWR touch. I don't think CWR touch has been updated to the latest update. You can flash it through Rom Manager, first option when you load it.
well if i'm not mistaken, the latest TWRP has been updated to work with cm9, but no idea about cm10
i think the issue with TWRP was that it didn't consider quincyatt a valid name for this device. If so, TWRP should work fine for this.
I just like CWM Touch since I can access my external SD card.
well i've been flashing cm9 on twrp because touch controls, only problem i have is that it likes to think of the internal/card mounts as /emmc/ and /sdcard/ respecively and thus when you try to queue up files from in the phone, it thinks those files aren't on the "/sdcard/" when queued in as /sdcard/
the best part of starting this JB experience, is seeing that the setup screen is off center xD
i'm going to use it for a while unless it gives me enough problems, i don't use the camera enough to care enough, the light not working was a little dejecting though
wow, working great.  I flashed using CW non-touch (as flashed by the option at the bottom of the manager app).  very cool.  I need camera so will not live with this yet but will try it for a couple hours now to see how things go :-D
is there a fix for the WiFi? its not working
Wifi works fine for me in alpha cm10
Getting video / no audio issues , no camera , google now does not work (knew that was going to be) , but still a great test for the future of JB on our note! 

Great work!
Awesome work! Keep it up. Seems like I'm never done with flashing my note!
Zak Kaufman try using the actual voice prompt.
Wifi is working better than in Official CM9 nightlies for me.
Yes . Voice does not work but cards work so its like the ics hacked version .
I'm sorry. What will happen if I attemp to flash this on a GT-N7000?
Galaxy Note Int. version.
Won't flash as its designed for i717 hardware
Can any of you get LTE to enable? Also wish that the Google search bar had the option to be removed and the rows and columns options for home screen. Running awesome otherwise. Thanks h0tw1r3 !
is there something i can do to get the WiFi to work?
+Lenn Burnett the wifi works fine on my end. Try a fresh install again. Keep in mind its alpha so its going to be super buggy
Youtube and at least a few other apps (airbnb when It first launches for instance) have some weird graphical issues. Besides that, the camera/light, and the voice aspect of Google Now/Voice search.
I clicked it and didn't get an FC but it just didn't do anything.
But i don't get LTE where i am in the first place, i just figured it'd do something other than nothing. Like give me a reaction..
This is great. Using it as a daily driver right now. Does seem to have a bit more lag but extremely impressed with your work. I've flashed cm9 nightlies, att ics, and many other custom ROMs but I always come back to your work. Thank you!
+William Thieme the LTE toggle was never broken for me on any CM9's. Personally I could care less, I am mostly on wifi anyways working from home and my area doesn't get LTE reception, but was just making mention for those it may of been a concern.

This is my DD, loving it so far, plus forgot to do a nandroid, I was so excited, completely forgot, and don't even care, lol. Running great for me. Cam, LTE and Google Now are not deal breakers for me. I can wait and run this as is...
Hell, I'm using it as my daily driver, i figured I'd it was buggy enough, I'd go back but i couldn't be happier, switching my clock speeds to 1674 from 1836 has made my device a lot more stable. The only thing i could ask for at the moment is the ability to turn off this damn pointer cursor.
What are using to OC? I has system tuner but haven't messed with it much...especially don't know if I'm over clocking both processors or just the one.
Through reading flappjaxxx's posts, I've learned that system tuner and setcpu are the oc apps that properly oc. But the one available for free on xda isn't updated past quite a while ago so it's 2.99 i believe. I'm personally using setcpu
Also, SetCPU used to allow voltage changes, i didn't know they took it out. When i used system tuner in r1, 3, 4 and 5 on CM9, system tuner never let me change voltages, if clock the button and it'd stay at stock values
Was able to get LTE working. Changed APN settings: Bearer to LTE and APN protocol to IPVv4/IPv6. Got 14 down and 5 up in Dallas. These changes were discussed at length by flapjaxx. Glad they work now.
i don't get LTE where i am in the first place so doesn't matter to me :3
Doesn't a working LTE toggle save battery by stopping the phone from constantly searching for LTE?
I don't have LTE here, I just assumed it was probably wasting battery searching for something that doesn't exist.
Great alpha release!! Thanks!! 
Im seeing lte speeds without any apn modifications. Speedtest showed 30mbps downstream.
Jeff's preview is almost on par with the n7000 version right out of the gate. As if that's not enough, we've got jamieD and the collective pushing jelly bean forward too. I'm so confident that we will see a version of 4.1 in the near future that blows cm10 away that if we don't see it, I will eat a pinecone for everyone's amusement.
Would you be able to release your cm10 local_manifest?
You need more than a manifest, and it looks like things broke a bit more since I last made a build. Will try and get my repo's updated today and push out to github.
OK. local_manifest gist created, and repo's updated.  You may need a few more gerrits to make a complete build, but it should get you started.
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