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As far as I am concerned, if you don't believe we are warming the planet, then you belong over next to the flat-earthers and creationists. At this point if you wish to dispute this then you better have readings you personally took from instruments spread over land and sea for decades.. or go mutter to yourself in the corner while adults discuss the biggest future problem that human civilization will face.

“Human activities are largely responsible, impacts are already underway, and the sooner we act, the lower the cost and risk will be.

“This has been well-established by many scientists working from many points of view and accepted by virtually every leading scientific organisation in the world. That clarity has continued to increase over the past three decades or so.”

That feeling you get when you realize you can't print to your wireless printer, because you had vpn'd through a vpn and that your local network no longer even exists.

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EDIT: Dammit, turns out the guy is an asshole. Typical strawman anti-feminist, anti-PC, 'pro rational thought' bullshit covers for being a dick. Sorry, my bad. I just saw a new trending music video that was catchy.

Because, well, awesomesauce:

Okay, so I just finished watching The Force Awakens, and a few niggling things... spoilers, if you still haven't.

1) How come there was a star? If it consumed the star to 'charge' the weapon, then wouldn't the first use have used up the star then?

2) The time to fire tracking was horrible. They have minutes, but the base is continental if not planetary sized. They are constantly spouting times like 2 minutes to fire, and yet the action involves running hundreds and hundreds of meters, dragging bodies, sword fights, etc. The countdowns constantly took me out of immersion.

3) When the weapon fired, how come it was able to get to another star system while traveling slowly to the visible eye? For that matter why was it visible from other star systems? Even if the weapon itself traveled faster than light speed, the light from its path wouldn't.

4) I was severely disappointed at Rae's expression of anger while saber fighting. That sort of attitude got Luke's hand chopped off, and almost led to his failure. She goes all peaceful for a moment, but resumes the angry fighting.

5) Don't star ships have some sort of key? Can anybody jump into the Falcon and fly off with it?

6) Don't get me started on the map.

I wasn't entirely disappointed. The aliens and robots on screen felt real (except for c3po), and while I was hoping for more snark between Leia and Han, it felt genuine and familiar. The ship fights were pretty fun. And I ended up liking Finn alot. :)

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Yet another infuriating example of an innocent unarmed black person shot by cops.

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Not racist, but #1 with racists

Check out the congressional interns:

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If you haven't seen any Kevin's videos, check him out sometime. For the past year he has been making minor waves by mocking the prominent youtube vloggers in what he calls the man-o-sphere (the popular new atheist, mra, gamergate, red pill, anti-feminist gang). I'd like to thank him here for raising his voice, laced with profanity as it is.

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For your consideration:

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It has been pointed out to me that my previous post makes alot more sense if you 1) happen to have heard of Anita Sarkeesian, 2) happen to know she recently released a recent addition to her Tropes videos, 3) seen said video, and 4) understood that it would provoke the typical gamergate and antifeminist reactions. Oh, and that it was about butts.

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Because female rears aren't overly sexualized in games, and Anita Sarkeesian hates men n stuff. While still wanting to see their butts. But she can't cause of batman's cape.
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