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Google gave me my own URL. Had to interject a nickname, I suppose so the other Jeffery Warren users could get theirs, too.
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Groovy image of lunar libration (the slight movement as it rotates around the Earth).
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From my blog: I've made a quick trip through how to get VirtualBox Host-only Adapter networks to work through the host and participate with other such networks on other hosts.
A few days ago I wrote a bit about VirtualBox 4.3 NAT Networks. Then, looking for something else, I stumbled upon a related question regarding VirtualBox Host-only networks, and allowing different host-only networks to see each other. The general and short answer is "no, they can't." ...
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Winter storm warnings threatened 4-6 or more inches of snow. I personally foiled the weather by planning to work from home to facilitate clean-up and avoid traffic worries. Therefore, the weather worked to foil my plan to stay home, preventing the large snowfall experienced elsewhere. To those that dislike snow: you are welcome.
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My days as a working stiff are numbered, but in a good way. I've received my invitation to join the Illuminati. Never mind that the world's most powerful organization has poor spelling and grammar, riches and fame and power are all going to come my way. Let me just provide all of the personal information necessary for them to take all of my possessions--it's a small price to pay!
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probabaly Obabacare...stay away....
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New Phone OS!

I wasn't expecting anything over-the-air since I rooted and installed the last update from Google instead of waiting for the Telco to do theirs. Today I was surprised to see an OS update waiting for me to reboot. I did and it installed.

Now I need to find out more goodies the new OS brings. 
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Just before Verizon got rid of the GNex I think it was free with contract extension. Cost me a couple hundred bucks at the time. 

Looks like there are loads of fun new things to look for:
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Later they sent me a coupon in e-mail apologizing for taking so long. Better than nothing, I guess.
I used to deliver pizzas. We had a 30-minute or it's free guarantee. I can understand how that could lead to trouble, especially if leaning toward responsible driving. However, when for reasons of time compression we decided to go with delivery pizza tonight, I found disappointment in the ...
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It took me more than an hour to go six miles this morning because the roads were so jammed with snow-trodden drivers. Shortly after I park, though, the streets are barren like the apocalypse has happened.
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It takes that long in Cali, with no snow. You should see them when it rains. Might as well call in sick...
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Only after the first snowfall (which is mostly gone) does the maple start to drop its leaves.
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That is a nice yellow carpet you've got there on your lawn.
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The new Ubuntu is here!
For those of us who don't use Windows, and like an easy to maintain Linux distribution (I'll leave it to each individual to choose what their favorite is, but this is an easy one to use and maintain), the semi-annual release of Ubuntu is here today! Get yours at or ...
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Tinkering with IPv6, specifically using tunnels from Hurricane Electric ( as my ISP doesn't yet offer IPv6 to my router (nor does most of the ISP community).  I've got a directly-connected machine working with the tunnel, and it seems the router is, too, but the router won't route (or proxy) the LAN machines behind it through the tunnel ('though it seems those machines do have addresses from the tunnel's IPv6 range).

If anyone has better success than the forums or tutorials on the HE site or the DD-WRT (my router's firmware) site I'd appreciate a ping.
IPv6 Tunnel Broker. Check out our new usage stats! And then hit up our new Forums! Welcome to the Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker! Our free tunnel broker service enables you to reach the IPv6 Internet by tunneling over existing IPv4 connections from your IPv6 enabled host or router to one ...
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I saw #fido  and I instantly thought zombie...
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I am me. There are many like me, but I am the only one who is actually me.
Modest, brilliant, efficient Computer Software Author with excellent PC and server experience, proven software architecture and development skills in all object-oriented languages, thorough system administration skills with all operating systems and environments, and outstanding network development and implementation. Have a solid background in systems design, integration, support and maintenance. Have experience in many industries including finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, government, military, health, legal, and human resources.
Bragging rights
First (and long forgotten) guy to write software for more than one company's digital hearing aid programmers.
  • Capella
    MS Computer Science, 2011 - present
  • UCCS
    Computer Science, 1990
  • NHCC
    Math, 1988
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JeKeWa, Meatshield, Youthal Merkon, Quextorillian Pentabulous
I write the software that makes the thing do that stuff that it does so well.
  • Object Partners, Inc
    Write the software, 2008 - present
  • iVenture Games, Inc
    Wrote the software, 2007 - 2008
  • ITR Group, Inc
    Wrote some software
  • Talent Software Services, Inc
    Wrote software
  • Logic InfoSystems, Inc
    Software writing
  • Motion International, Inc
    Writing software
  • Twisted Pair Networking, Inc
    Internet! And Internet Software
  • Shuffle Master, Inc
    Wrote software that talked to gaming equipment
  • Starkey Labs, Inc
    Wrote software that talked to hearing-aids
  • USAF
    Worked on software that talked to satellites
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Always classy, even when we show up in jeans for lunch. Food and service is always excellent. Slightly pricey, but some items are just a little more expensive than other restaurants. And they're always better at Manny's.
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Target has all of the things you need, most of what you want, and stuff you didn't know you needed or wanted, all at reasonable or lower prices.
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