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Jeffery Hardy
Creative agency guy—marketing, web, video, musician, Mac, Harley, Daddy.
Creative agency guy—marketing, web, video, musician, Mac, Harley, Daddy.

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Nice and clean!

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Here ya go !!! Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove:

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Earth, Wind & Fire (8/11) - Thats the way of the …:

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Mobile Device Testing

Mobile devices are small but the effort to test them is higher than that of grown-up computers. Smartphones and tablets have lots of micro machines (sensors) on board and the operating system has to seamlessly communicate with them.

For example, if you change the orientation, iOS retrieves the values delivered by the accelerometer and the geomagnetic field sensor and an app can change the display between portrait and landscape view.

Mobile Device Testing assures the quality of mobile devices, like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

The testing will be conducted on both hardware and software. And from the view of different procedures, the testing comprises R+D testing, factory testing and certificate testing.

Mobile Device Testing involves a set of activities from monitoring and trouble shooting mobile application, content and services on real handsets. Testing includes verification and validation of hardware devices and software applications.

Apple is well-known for an excellent build quality as well as a perfect cooperation of software and hardware (although there is some work to do in iOS and OSX).

See the visualized summary of mobile device testing in this mind map:


Feel free to download this map from my Box account.

The alternative file formats have been created with iThoughts for iOS (.ITMZ file format). Compatibility to other tools is limited. The DOCX file format is suggested for those who don't use a mind mapping tool. The file contains the image as well as a detailed outline of all topics.

Apple iWork/Microsoft Word (.DOCX)


iThoughts (.ITMZ)

MindManager (.MMAP)

XMind (.XMIND)

Albert Einstein's saying
Intellectuals solve problems
geniuses prevent them.
doesn't help tech companies to increase the product quality because of shared responsibilities and complexity of the matter. Only a sophisticated test strategy assures quality and with it the loyalty of customers.

Thanks for your attention.


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Spec work and why you shouldn't do it!

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Like a SNL skit. Wow.
‘I Feel Good’: James Brown’s amazing, drug-fueled CNN interview, 1988

From the DM archives. 

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There are three common configurations of #mobilefriendly sites: Responsive web design, dynamic serving, and separate mobile URLs. Whichever configuration you choose is up to you—Google supports all three. We’ll go into more detail on each of these three methods this week. Here’s a chart of the key differences.
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