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Just wanted to note a personal/professional milestone. A little over 18 years ago I began developing a custom Lotus Notes application for an international company. For 18 years they have used it to track projects among their global sales force. The system has been rock-solid and has outlasted many scores of users, managers, and CI/E/T/FOs. The naysayers came and went, but the Notes database endured and served faithfully. Finally, now, it's succumbed to forces of change,: a modern CRM is set up to take over the job of tracking projects. So far, the users are not happy. Their reliable, portable, snappy, Notes database is being replaced by a limited, sluggish CRM. I'm sure over time the bugs will be worked out and the memory of the old system will quickly fade.

I'm all for change, and I pride myself in staying abreast of new technologies. I introduce them when and where I think they fit. Still, I'm careful to weigh the value of new tools, knowing full well that New should never be confused with Better. I also understand that my opinions will often be overruled by other, complicated forces that run organizations.

Anyway, it's a little sad to see that Notes solution go. Eighteen years is a pretty darn good run, and I'm proud of it.

Thanks for enduring this little eulogy.

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Speaking of [the recently ramped up need for] VPNs, this Wired article mentioned two interesting ways to combat The Man., a browser plugin (now banned on Google Chrome) that randomly clicks on ads to obfuscate your true interests, and Internet Noise, which runs random searches.

VPNs -- I've been away, so sorry if I've missed a recent thread on this. A lot of folks are asking about VPNs. I see TheNextWeb has a special on a LIFETIME subscription to VPNUnlimited for $39 (!!) which will run on 5 devices simultaneously.

Are there any votes for favorite VPN services?

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Why does it take Dell 10 days to unsubscribe me from emails?

I have a user with an Office 365 mailbox hovering around 45+ gigs. He's running Office 2016 for Mac on an updated MacBook Pro. Recently he's started having problems Searching for email in Outlook -- it returns just a few results, whereas last week it would return scores or hundreds of hits. I tried re-setting the indexing on the Mac and that fixed the problem for about a week. Now it's happening again. Does anyone know, is he possibly bumping against some limitation of the Mac itself? (I've looked on the Microsoft site, but have found nothing about this issue.)

I have a client where the boss wants to throw his Skype For Business meetings on the big TV hanging on the conference room wall. Getting the video there is no problem with the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Now he'd like to mount a wireless camera above the TV so remote meeting participants can see the room. Can anyone recommend a decent wifi camera for this purpose?

Hi all. For the next two weeks I'll be experimenting with a bold venture. Since 80% of my work is done remotely, and much of the remaining 20% could also be done remotely but for the client's desire to see my pretty face once a week, I'm going to try taking a "workation". I'll be traveling in and around Florida, staying at various AirBnBs as well as my mother's house, working as needed and playing when possible.

I must say I'm a bit nervous being away from the comforts of my home office with it's 3 computers, 6 screens and very high-speed internet, but I'm equipped with a good laptop and a desire to break away from the traditional work patterns instilled in my by my dad and that culture.

Wish me luck. If anyone cares to know, I'll keep you advised how things are going.

Happy Wednesday!

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I was very happy to find this recent, nice summation and wanted to share it. Much easier to read than all the MS TechNet articles on the topic.

Whew! a very full day. My hands were a blur pushing buttons and pulling levers, the smoke and sparks were pouring out of my computers, the phone calls, SMSs, IMs, emails, telegrams. Egad! And yet I'm not sure what I did all day. Time for a martini, I think.

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