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Jeff Wilson
Social Heretic. Customer Advocate. No one of Consequence.
Social Heretic. Customer Advocate. No one of Consequence.

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Joining a G+ community does not give you the permission to spam me with unsolicited invitations and reminders to your sales events.

Not cool. Just sayin...

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Grumpy Cat to Play Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Upcoming Film --   "I'll take a crack at it" says Grumpy Cat in a recent interview

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Grumpy Cat to Play Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto in Upcoming Film -- Ford Appoints Evil Kettle as New Chief of Staff

~ Running with Scissors!

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The Influential Power of Solutions Relevantly Timed to Customer Situations. (Related post )

Sharing some of my thinking on how to identify customer situations and align well timed, relevant solutions to better meet current need.

It all boils down to perspective. As marketers, we have immense influence in our existing marketing, but it remains chaotic and unfocused. What we need to do is change our perspectives and improve our understanding of the influence potential of our brands.

Marketing IS Influence.


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Seems a highly unfortunate but honest mistake and is in large part due to the angle from which you view the tea kettle. It seems preposterous to assume they set out to intentionally design this.

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Bad news for you social media types... Oh well. You can always write a book!

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Its the little things that encourage natural socialization in the workplace that truly make a difference. Socialization cannot be forced or programmed into a work environment. This will be resisted both consciously and unconsciously.

You can only enable collaboration and let nature do the rest.

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In the area of expectations around data privacy for consumers. It is not that corporations access their personal data, but in how they store, use and share the data most of all.

In regards to sharing private data, are corporations in danger of violating one of those universal human values of trust? That is the ability to keep a secret and not tell others? Is sharing of private data with business partners and advertisers paramount to data gossip in the eyes of the consumer?

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Culture and the Chief Executive.

And a happy, motivated organization delivers a better customer experience which results in happier customers and more share of wallet.

A triple win.
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