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Torturing and bombing innocent civilians, and deliberately provoking a war that the president has acknowledged will never end.

Take a guess what these drone pilots call the children they kill, to avoid having to think about what they've really been ordered to do?

"Pint sized terrorists".

God bless America. Sleep tight.

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Nice insight - these companies are selling the intimacy we crave in this age where everyone's interacting online (and becoming more isolated in the real world). Of course, like most mass-marketed products, it's a cheap, hollowed out version of the real thing.

G+ has remained relatively transparent. I'm not sure if that's because of neglect or honesty on Google's part, or maybe they're just better at hiding their manipulations.

Still I don't feel totally comfortable giving the same information to Google that I once gave to facebook. We desperately need a way to communicate with each other that isn't through a middleman.

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The future of logging in online will look like this.

What's different about this? The secret never leaves the device. The device proves (via cryptography) that it knows the secret.

That's very different than passwords, where you have to repeat the secret "out loud" every time you log in. That just keeps giving attackers more chances to overhear it.

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"No one should be asking what we’re going to do if computers take our jobs.

"We should all be asking what we get to do once freed from them."

The beginning of the end of labor as we know it is starting. This will fundamentally disrupt our existing socioeconomic system. Whether this leads to dystopia or utopia rests largely in the hands of politicians.

Yeah. I'm sure they'll make the right decisions.

#politics #mincome #basicincome #tech #economy #thefutureisnow #weliveinthefuture #selfdrivingcars #autonomousvehicles #welcomeourrobotoverlords  

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Come on, +Sam Harris, you're giving atheists a bad name.

You know perfectly well, that after we die, there's no review of your life to score how well you did.

You're trying to portray life as, "we're these beautiful important beings, and we'll all going to be destroyed soon. Everything we do between now and then is very important!"

That is not true and you know it. Would anyone notice a single grain of sand missing from a beach? Our planet isn't even a grain of sand to the universe. The laws of physics do not permit us to affect the universe in any appreciable way, no matter how clever or creative or kind we are. Whatever the purpose of the universe, we have no role whatsoever in its outcome.

Atheists aren't depressing because we believe these important beings are destroyed. We're depressing because we believe we were never important in the first place. Except it actually isn't depressing when you think about it.

If nothing we do matters, then we can stop feeling anxious. We can also stop feeling anxious by telling ourselves we'll live forever.  The only difference is, our insignificance is true, and living forever is just a fantasy.

Why should I bother pointing all this out, if none of it matters? Well, gotta do something.

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Hashing an unordered list:

I thought that I would easily find an algorithm to do this. What I want is to take an unordered list, and apply a hash function to it such that it will give the same result regardless of the order of the list.

Obviously, the simplest solution (from a software engineering perspective) is to use a standard function like SHA256, but sort the list before applying the hash function.

I thought there would be a more elegant solution, for example, SHA256 all the items and then sum the hashes. However this may be insecure, since obviously there are more ways to arrive at a sum than just permutations of your original list - eg, [1, 2, 3, 4] sums to 10 but you can also get that from [5, 5], [1, 1, 8], etc. I'm not mathematically advanced enough to figure out whether this breaks collision resistance, but certainly seems plausible that it would.

I don't know of any commutative function I could use to reduce the individual hashes, other than addition and multiplication. There's XOR but I read there's definitely an attack on that, just not sure if the same attack applies to addition and multiplication.

So my question is, why isn't there function that does this in common crypto libs? And if I did want to do it, is there a secure and practical way, other than sorting the items first?

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TIL - People are STILL watching "Gangnam Style" more than any other YouTube video?  "It's been over two years, but instead of finding something new on the internet, let's watch Gangnam Style again!"

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Mozilla is Crushed by Microsoft/NSA  Abandoning Google for Microsoft (via proxy Yahoo) will cut off 90%of Mozilla's budget in a move that makes little sense.  The Microsoft press stupidly claims that "Google no longer needs Mozilla because they have Chrome" but that's divide and conquer.  Microsoft also has a browser and has little need for Mozilla other than to ruin a competitor.  Besides advertisements, Mozilla will be sending user keystrokes to Microsoft/NSA.  Microsoft and the NSA are not interested in Windows user's keystrokes, they already have that, they are interested in OSX, Android and GNU/Linux users.  

Perhaps this is why Mozilla's CEO was publicly humiliated and run off by the Microsoft press.  

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This is the future of payments.  Apple Pay is just lipstick on a pig.
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