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Jeff Waters

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Great video, David, thanks!

Does audio from the camera also transmit in real time to the app?

Curious if you could monitor from the ipad or Android. 
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That's a good question - it didn't even occur to me! No, there's no sound in real time and now you mention it no display of the audio parameters at all. Funny how sound is so often the Cinderella of video yet one of the hardest parts of it to get to grips with.
Sound is  there when you play back, of course
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Does Lumix Link app send audio, too?

This app for my Android phone looks awesome for a 1 man shooting band. I see it lets you control the GH3, and definitely transmits video via WIFI. 

Does it also transmit audio? That would be killer if I could just attach my earbuds to my phone to monitor the audio as I'm sitting in the interview chair next to the camera!
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Jeff Waters

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This is very cool. I'm curious if it also delivers audio to the phone?

If so, that would be a great way to monitor the audio via earbuds plugged into the phone.

Many dslr and mft cams have mic input, but few have a headphone jack.

Could you treat it and let us know? 
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yes i thought it may do that and it would be very useful. unfortunately though it doesn't :(
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Jeff Waters

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Curious - would you recommend the W or S for a typical 3 point lighting setup for a corporate video interview?
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Jeff Waters

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Quote... +Scott Cramer :D :D :D
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Jeff Waters

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Hi, I have the same question. Are you able to monitor audio through the app as well as video? Would be killer to be able to pop some earbuds into tablet or smartphone for remote audio monitoring.
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Hello, just discovering MFT and the GH3. Very much a novice. I primarily want to capture customer video testimonials with a simple 3 point lighting setup... very much want the nice defocused shallow DOF background effect.

I also want a very light, compact kit for travel. Hence, MFT bodies and lenses are attractive.

If you had to pick 1 lens for my needs, what would it be? Primary need is the interview headshot with defocused background (as described above)... anything else would be icing... so, maybe ability to capture some b-roll of the customer's office, building, products, etc.

And, of course, I'm not looking to lug a foot long lens around.

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Yes. It's a prime lens so it won't zoom (fyi). Check it out on YouTube. 
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Jeff Waters

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Very cool, thanks!

I see this light comes with a remote control for brightness, power, and temperature. Curious if you had a 3 point lighting setup using 3 of these cameras, would using 1 remote for 1 light also accidentally actuate the other 2 lights? (I think ideally you'd like to have a separate remote for each light).
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+shuttertastic Great, thanks for the clarification. I would guess that a typical 3 point arrangement will have them far enough apart that you won't actually control all of them simultaneously (or, if you see that you are, point the remote a little more directly at the desired light). Seems like a great design flaw, actually. This way, you only really need to bring 1 remote along and point it at the light you want to control. Cool!
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Jeff Waters

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Having fun with a 3D printer.
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Love this! One more reason I need a 3D printer!
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Jeff Waters

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First Friday of Spring.  Can't you tell?
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I spent 2 summers in Russia just after the fall of the Soviet Union, have since lost the ability to speak Russian, but can still sound out words in Cyrillic.

Most of my career has been devoted to the business benefits of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

I've also been known to swing some heavy kettlebells.
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