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Want to get down to one camera kit.

Is there any sense in selling my Canon 5D3 gear and moving to Fuji X-T1? The Canon is just massive, and I don't use it as much because of this.

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I have the exact same questions about the X-E1.
Hi all X-E1 owners. I went to a photo fair this week and was able to handle one and I have to say I fell in love, and I'm seriously considering instead of upgrading my DSLR (to a Canon 7D) go the other way into the Fuji world. I'm loving the images I see here, but I have a question. I've read a lot about shutter lag and AF speeds on the X-E1 and was wondering how it really is. I don't shoot sports, but I have a fast running son and another on the way. How is it for shooting kids? Also I do a lot of macro shots. How does the X-E1 work for macro. I see there is a 60mm macro but no 100mm macro. Please share your thought. These two things will help me decide.

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Pretty awesome, seeing how we're in an age where fewer people than ever know how to perform basic maintenance on their cars.
This is interesting >> A new augmented reality 3D-tracking app aims to help hopeless handymen and women become "expert" mechanics:

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I can't catch a fish at Kroger, but somehow, I managed to catch two up north with my son. Here's how it went.

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Here are my thoughts on the Fuji X100S as an amateur/enthusiast photog. I continue to shoot with this thing, and I continue to be impressed.

Just got the new G+. At first blush, looks really nice.

Photographers: Fuji X100s or Canon 35mm L for 5D Mark III? About the same cost.

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This camera is something that you have to use and learn to understand. To call it a 'point and shoot' is a massive disservice. Like every other piece of advanced kit, there is a learning curve, and you have to tackle it to begin to understand the device. Here are my initial thoughts on the camera, after using it for only a week or so. I'm an amateur, not a pro.
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