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Early Bird pricing for +EduroLearning Events in Washington ends March 15th. Join us for 1 day in Seattle this summer or 2 days in Walla Walla learning and wine tasting. #edurolearning
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The Wired with Wine might just be the greatest PD idea ever!
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Jeff Utecht

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The latest update for Google Drive for Android adds a small but crucial feature for those who manage their documents through Google. Now, users can drag and drop files into folders on mobile. By...
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Jeff Utecht

GAFE Summit  - 
As a thank you for your feedback in helping us set up our first Eduro Learning Institute here in Seattle. I thought I'd post this here first. Excited to get to spend a day going in depth into technology and pedagogy. 
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I support this concept!
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Anyone have tricks on how to get the heart rate monitor to work? My idea with getting the 360 was that I could wear it while working out and track my heart rate. I haven't been able to read my heart rate once while working out using both Google Fit and Moto Body Heart Rate. Any ideas?

Also is there a way to keep the screen turned on longer? My battery has been lasting me an easy 18+ hours and would like that when looking at my watch or when working out to set it to stay on longer or even an "always on" mode so I could see my heart rate while running and working out.

Love the watch just need the heart rate monitor to work better. 
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I found that shaving my wrist helps a lot...
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Jeff Utecht

Worth Pondering  - 
Hope to see some coetailers at FIS in February. 
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Looking forward to it!
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Jeff Utecht

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I'll be back in Europe at Frankfurt International School the middle of February. Hope to see some familiar faces there. 
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Hoping to see people at #ncce15  next week. Early Bird registration for Eduro Learning events end on March 15th. Catch me at NCCE for a promotional code to get the Early Bird price up until the conferences. Hurry though....strands are filling up fast!
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Excited to announce two institutes for educators in Washington State. One in Seattle and one in Walla Walla. Appreciate help in spreading the word. Early Bird special ends March 15th!
Eduro Learning Events are geared towards educators ready to apply new and innovative teaching strategies to their classroom, along with &helip;
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Jeff Utecht

Add-ons  - 
Using Hapara the right way

There has been some posts about Hapara so I thought I would add my 2cents to the conversation. +John Chargualaf and +Chris Bailey have some questions and I have some fears. 

First my school started using Hapara in 2010 when they were still new. Started by two guys in New Zealand they even came to our school in Bangkok to see the use in action. It's a great long as it's use the way it is suppose to be used. I would recommend it for elementary and maybe even MS. 

Now...what worries me is what +Chris Bailey mentions. Using it as a Screen monitoring/ Classroom management tool is not the reason to get it. We stopped using it in Bangkok because of this. What we found out was that teachers were using it to monitor students all the time which meant they were sitting at their desk staring at their screen while the students worked. This is NOT good pedagogy this is NOT good classroom management. Teachers want this because they see it as an easy way to "see" what the kids are working on. It's a horrible way to use technology in the classroom and it's these kinds of uses that I fear does not allow us to use technology in innovative ways. 

As a way to quickly share files with students, as a way to have a built in RSS reader for all student blogger blogs, to handout and turn in files....amazing tool. 

However I would do LOADS of training around what this tool is not. And it is not a way to disengage with students so that you can monitor all of them. If you need to monitor what students are doing then A) What you are asking them to do is not intriguing them personally. B) Is boring or C) is busy work. None of these are a technology problem and no monitoring is going to solve this. It's a false hope. 

So at the International School Bangkok in the MS and HS we moved to Haiku LMS and kept Hapara for the ES to help student learn to manage their docs with teacher help. 

That's my 2cents.....
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+Tracy Davis's a good add-on again love it when used the way it should/can be used. Just need to be careful of the purpose. 
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Jeff Utecht

Discussion  - 
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I love this as well! I especially like the emphasis on engaging positively & using what works for you (differentiation). I'm challenged by the GOLDEN RULE of giving as much as you take but it's a work in progress. Thanks for sharing!!
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Jeff Utecht is an international educator and educational technology consultant. He has worked internationally since 2005, prior to that he worked in Washington State. 

Currently Jeff is working as the High School Technology and Learning Coordinator for the International School Bangkok. Additionally, Jeff is collaborating with EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools) as a technology consultant. 

Jeff was a main coordinator for the Learning 2.0 Educational Technology Conference in Asia 2007 - 2010. He has consulted with international schools in and around the Asia region. 

Jeff regularly shares his thoughts on education and technology on his blog,

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