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Jeff Tunnell
Weed Farmer: Itchy Ribs Brand
Weed Farmer: Itchy Ribs Brand


Looking for some good technology, games, and educational people to follow on G+. Any suggestions?

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Looking for back end services advice. It is time for us to connect up an IAP system for Contraption Maker. We need it to work on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Currently thinking Does anybody have any suggestions one way or another?

Testing, testing. Is anybody left over here on Google Plus? About a year ago I messed up my Circles and had to refollow everybody. I didn't have the energy for that, so I bailed. Is it worth hanging out here on G+ at all?

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Contraption Maker exits 10 month of Early Access and is now Version 1.0 on Steam! Whew!

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Sony's new lens/cameras that use your smart phone as the the viewfinder and back end seem really innovative.  I'm not a hardcore photographer, but would like a little better camera than my phone provides.  Having an extra part to carry around is kind of a pain, but this is pretty small.  What do you guys think?

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All right! +Contraption Maker  Early Access Alpha just went live on Steam. If you liked my old game, The Incredible Machine, you will love CM!

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I'm incredibly excited about our +Contraption Maker  early access alpha release on Steam on 8/28! Here is the official trailer. It's getting close and we are more nervous than ever!

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This is a cool looking game from a GarageGames community alum.  Check it out!
Four years ago I started developing a game that shipped today. Please, for the love of indies, share this post and ask forward to further share it. With your help, this game can pay my expenses during those four years and solidify my business in the future. 

7 Grand Steps is: IGF finalist, IGF mention for best story, and IndieCade selection for their E3 showcase. Reviews have started to arrive. Gamespot says, "An engaging combination of board game mechanics and pure storytelling, 7 Grand Steps is an addictive telling of one family's journey through history."

Now available on Steam and the Mousechief website. 

I just posted this as a comment on +John Hostile's stream, but I have to repost it here.  I'm sorry, but I think the new G+ is a disaster.  Here are my thoughts.

It is pretty, I'll give you that, but it is not nearly as functional or have the right work flow.  At Spotkin, we use a couple G+ Communities as a private workspaces where we share links and private company info.  Those community spaces used to be available with one click from the home page, and now they take a hover, click to another page, then another click to get the the desired community.  

The stream is no longer a stream.  Google has started to resort to something like Facebook's fucked up Edge Rank to "decide" what info should be in my stream.  If I want it all, I have to click on separate circles to find the info.  This is even if I have those circles on "Show All."

The Pinterest method of showing a stream is a horrible idea.  First of all, it is called a stream because it is in time based order.  That is the definition of a stream.  Having the Pinterest scatterboard approach makes it difficult for me to easily see what is in natural order, so instead of being able to "j" and "k" my way through my stream, I have to move my eyes back and forth across the page.  Not nearly as much in the flow.

I think the engineers at Google are letting the designers go nuts in their efforts to have "beautiful" software.  Somebody who's resume has nothing to do with how beautiful something is needs to call bullshit on these designs before they get out to the public.

Pinterest is not a stream, it is an amalgam of different ideas.  The pinboard metaphor works great in that case, and is one of the reasons the service is doing well.  Applying that basic idea to a stream of information is a horrible idea.

One last call out of bullshit.  When John used to make a popular post and I clicked on Expand to see all of the comments, I got a LOT more of them.  Now, they show up in a little scroll box that is hard to read.

Sorry for ranting, but this is a mess.  Google creates great products that I use for hundreds and hundreds of hours.  There is no need to change them for the sake of "beautification."  It would be like one day I go out in my car and the blinker, instead of being a small stick on my left, is all of a sudden a shiny gold knob hidden under the back seat.  It is beautiful, and it still sort of does the same thing, but it sucks to use it.
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