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Super Duper Dude!

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am i late to the party? There's not much happening here right now?

Off to work early to beat the heavy first day rush after a long holiday! Happy working people!

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J ribs at J Tean restaurant in sstwo mall. Delicious!

So nice to still be on holiday while some have started work already!!! A bit more painting to do and I'm done! Maybe a massage or pampering is in store too...

Yay got my Google+ iPhone app!!! Now can use this more on the go!

It's agonizing to watch someone else eat delicious Durians whilst I can't as I have a stomachache!!! :(

I just pee'd in my own toilet in my new home for the first time. Hehe

I need to trust my instincts today and believe that whatever decision I make is the best one!!! And so it is...

Another hectic weekend ahead!!! Let's get to it people!!! Happy Saturday!
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