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Pretty excited about this project:
Citizen-Initiated Legislation
The Provo City Council has officially opened the first phase of the Provo People’s Lobby, an innovative program that allows Provo residents to generate legislation to be presented to the City Council for consideration. This creates a groundbreaking opportun...
The Provo City Council has officially opened the first phase of the Provo People’s Lobby, an innovative program that allows Provo residents to generate legislation to be presented to the City Council for consideration. This c...
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Owow this is some exciting stuff!
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Slacktivism isn’t a problem of lazy activists. It’s not an issue of people not caring. Slacktivism is a problem of leadership. Tens of thousands of people are expressing interest and support in a wide variety of causes, and movement leaders are just now beginning to figure out how to turn all this support into meaningful action.
Slaktivism isn’t a problem of laziness. It’s a problem of leadership.
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Jeff Swift

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In which I defend #comment sections against the argument that discussion takes place on social media just fine:
I introduce 3 broad defenses of dedicated comment sections: value of public conversation; trap of the filter bubble; untapped potential.
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Jeff Swift

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Want a free copy of an excellent book? Follow these instructions and you'll be eligible. But act quickly, the offer's only good for a few more hours.
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Jeff Swift

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You know that feeling that you're being watched?
Reddit, Mozilla, Tumblr, Imgur, and over 6,000 other websites are protesting NSA surveillance. Join them.
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Jeff Swift

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You're doing it right.
Saving Baby Bears From Dumpster With Ladder – Gif
#babybears #funnyanimals  
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Jeff Swift

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Digital media enable people to mobilize quickly, and this “flash mob” mobilization is not automatically translated into lasting communities.
How digital media can make meaningful activism impossible.
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Sounds great!
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Jeff Swift

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RIP, Robin Williams. Thanks for the laughs and the wisdom.
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My favorite poet.
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Jeff Swift

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The goals of this experiment are to raise the profile of the nonprofit experts, correct misconceptions, solidify respect for the experts among journalists and the general public, and to have fun. We’ve working on putting this into action in the near future. Stay tuned!
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The world could use a little more poetry. I recently discovered this poem and wish I'd found it sooner:

by Carol Lynn Pearson

I love giving blood.
Sometimes I walk in
Off the Street
When no one has even asked
And roll up my sleeve

I love lying on the table
Watching my blood flow
Through the scarlet tube
To fill the little bag
That bears no Address

I love the mystery
Of its destination.
It runs as easily
To child or woman or man
Black or white
Californian or Asian
Methodist, Mormon
Muslim or Jew.

Rain does too.
Rivers do.
I think God does.
We Do Not.

Our suspicious egos clot
On the journey from "Us" to "Them"

So I give blood
To practice Flowing
Never knowing
where it's Going
And Glad.
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Jeff Swift

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Smart thoughts on the economies of the future:
If I could give a TED talk today, my topic would be "massively distributed capitalism," a phrase I think I coined about 3 weeks ago. It doesn't appear in the Google index yet. But it will be in a minute when I press Share.

The Google link below that references "distributed capitalism" appears to be mostly about distributed consumerism. I'm less interested in that than I am in finding a way to get millions of people an ownership interest in hundreds of companies that could turn out to be the next big thing--to encourage them in Berkshire Hathaway fashion to be long-term investors.

I keep wondering whether Google, Apple, Facebook or Berkshire Hathaway will be the first trillion dollar company. In any case, the ownership of the first trillion dollar corporation will be concentrated in the hands of very few people. Someone will be the first hundred billionaire. Someone will be the first two hundred billionaire.

A trillion dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A trillion dollar investment fund -- let's call it Berkshire Hathaway 2.0 -- owned by a million shareholders. A million millionaires--with no billionaires, no concentration of wealth among them. I keep wondering if it might be possible to set up such a fund.

I don't believe in socialism and redistribution of wealth. But I also don't believe in crony capitalism, where industry incumbents lobby government and change the rules making it harder and harder for innovative startups to compete in fields like finance/banking, health care, energy, transportation, education. There are many onerous regulations. Compliance is too expensive for all except the biggest players or best funded companies. Entrepreneurship is declining when we need it the most. 

I do believe in innovation. I do believe that technological innovations have the potential to benefit the entire world. As the Whatsapp founders have figured out, in an era of massive connectedness, a service can be created that spreads to hundreds of millions of people and creates enormous value and wealth in just a few years.

The pace of billionaire creation is going to accelerate. When 5 billion people have smartphones and tablets and someone invents a medical device that attaches to these mobile supercomputers that diagnoses illnesses better than doctors and replaces 80% of doctor visits--someone is going to make billions. When robots and 3-D printers enable homes to be built with very little labor cost, for a fraction of the price of a modern home, someone is going to make billions. I can think of so many inventions that are coming that will displace millions of workers but create enormous value for their inventors. What I don't know is what the overall social impact will be. Will the recent widening of the gap between rich and poor continue to worsen?

When inventions can spread to the world with virtually no advertising or marketing costs, inventors and the corporations they work for will make hundreds of billions of dollars. 

I'm a fan of innovation--even of disruption--but I fear the long term consequences if the ownership of the means of production isn't distributed more widely. But it can't be done after the wealth is created. That creates resentment and conflict. It needs to be done in advance.

So what I'd like to believe in is that millions of people could find a way to come together, pool small funds, invest in the next big thing, over and over and over again, and turn a small fund into a massive fund--over decades--with massively distributed ownership.

If the worldwide market for lottery tickets is really $260 billion per year (the US market is reportedly $60-70 billion), what if we could get 1% of those funds to be redirected into a pooled fund that might--in 30 or 40 years--provide its investors with enough capital to actually retire on.

What if investment opportunities from Angelist, Y Combinator, Techstars, IndieGoGo and hundreds of incubators, accelerators, and equity crowdfunding platforms worldwide could be sourced by a large group of investors--investors who want to build wealth over the long term and share it with others--and somehow, the wisdom of the crowd, or the power of predictive markets, or expert networks could be tapped so that this fund could made good to great investment decisions week after week, month after month, year after year.

Maybe the motto could be E Pluribus Plenum.
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Is that anything like mandatory double-entry accounting?
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  • North Carolina State University
    Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media, 2010 - present
    3.97 GPA; Dissertation on digital activism and online deliberation; Rhetoric Society of America Student Chapter President (2011-12), board member (2010-2014). Edited CRDM student blog: led to best month (2,000+ views). Presented original research at 18 national and regional conferences, including SXSWi.
  • Brigham Young University
    English; Rhetoric and Composition, 2002 - 2010
    3.94 GPA; top 1% of graduating class. Wrote thesis about digital networking with a focus on Twitter; Program Assistant for First Year Writing Program: oversaw and training 20 new graduate instructors, served on committee that submitted proposal on multimodal composition to administration, designed and taught course on persuasion and argumentation.
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  • NationBuilder
    Organizer, 2014 - present
    Working with politicians, authors, nonprofit orgs, and advocacy groups to empower people and build community.
  • North Carolina State University
    PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor, 2010 - 2014
    Managed students in courses varying from digital satire to persuasive writing. Guided and facilitated group work projects, designed curriculum, engaged students in daily discussions and projects. Consistently earned student ratings higher than program and college averages.
  • Friends of Bonner Gaylord
    Online Campaign Specialist, 2013 - 2013
    Designed and oversaw “Raleigh+ Hangouts” initiative allowing residents to engage directly with candidate, building trust in the candidate as a committed member of the local community. Implemented “Social Media Ambassadors” strategic community engagement program to solidify candidate reputation via 70+ web-based volunteers.
    Digital Specialist, 2013 - 2013
    Helped double site's Twitter followers in the first month after joining the team. Built two microsites to feature content. Developed long-term strategy and community-building initiatives. Edited site’s featured video, which had 3,000 views in first week.
  • One Heart Bulgaria
    Vice President, Board Member, 2007 - 2011
    Created and managed organization’s social media community, established a new Brigham Young University internship program and oversaw first two interns. Organized and carried out fundraising charity concert that raised over $30,000. Helped lead quarterly board meetings.
  • Hal Miller for City Council
    Online Campaign Manager, 2010 - 2011
    Coordinated social media, website, email, fundraising, blog, social recruitment for two campaigns. Built largest combined technology-based community of any challenger in both elections.
  • CommonPlace USA
    Chief Organizer, 2011 - 2011
    Organized 300 neighbors in 8 weeks onto a community-based social network, secured additional 1,000 members. Organized local engagement teams to distribute 4,000 invitation letters by hand. Built relationships with city and neighborhood leaders. Organized meetings with businesses and civic centers. Spoke for the network in two televised interviews.
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