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Well, that ended rather well.

#battlefield3   #launchmode

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This is probably the closest I'll ever get to being inside the proverbial den of Porschedom.  Me and my 100-piece mechanic's tool set feel quite inadequate right about now.

#porsche   #pcars   #pcar   #engines   #boxerengine  

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Getting back into the world of #blogging  with this introductory #blogpost  of a serene, calming #contrail -streaked sky.  Enjoy!

#apexaperture   #relaunch   #firstpost  

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Please take a moment to read my first-ever blog entry for my agency's blog, +Clicks and Clients, Inc. !

The article is a high-level foray into the world of search engine marketing, so those of you who have been curious about what it is and what it can do for businesses please give it a read.  Send me a message if you have any inquires!

#ppc   #searchenginemarketing   #payperclick    #searchengineadvertising   #adwords   #bingads  

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Hey guys, that you both would be interested in these.  All vector, all free!

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Like a hot knife through butter.  Pure precision.

#porsche911   #porsche   #autoracing  

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Plot twist: I believe I found footage of +Ian Stuart's first #hpde  , having taken place on a soggy day in 1995 and at the spritely age of 18.

Back those olden days, "Thunderhill" was then known as "Knockhill" and rather it being the barren wasteland it's known it be today, it was once a lush, green place full of life and opportunity.  That is, until Ian hit the tarmac in what appears to be some sort of import sedan and ruined the whole place forever.

Let's have a look at the Super 8 footage...

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Just wanted to wish happy birthday to one of my favorite machines.  I sure hope I look as good at 50 as you do!

  #911at50   #porsche911  

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Much like how cryptocurrency has posited an alternative to centralized banking, #maidsafe  has posited an alternative to the whole friggin' internet:
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