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Up and at it, time to make millions. Let's go!!

Come on G+, let's get those comment collapsing. Having two or three big timers you follow (Scoble, Kevin Rose, Cuban, etc) makes for long page scrolling before you get to your buddies.

Come on Google+, start putting a collapse button on posts with hundreds of comments. I shouldn't have to scroll for two pages before I get to my friends posts.

Anybody know how to move stream feeds around? I have 5 feeds on the left side and want to move the bottom one I created to the top, and move a few others down a bit but I can't find the option.

The instant upload feature is kind of nice in theory. Just not sure how I feel about my photo's and video's being instantly sent to my profile though, private or not. I'm warming up to it though.

How do you make your posts show along side everyone's posts in the main stream?

Damn photo's load quick from a mobile device.
Wait while more posts are being loaded