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My v 1.2 Photographer/Photography list here on G+.

The count is now at 82 in v 1.2. I would like to post the G+ links all in this stream but according to Google (giving me an error) I will make 4 posts in total.

Again from looking at their profiles and seeing their interactions here on G+ they all have a passion for photography.

+Amy Heiden
+Klaus Herrmann
+Brian Hoffsis
+Toad Hollow
+Cesar Ibanez
+Mike Jeide
+Doug Kaye
+Alex Koloskov
+Gunnar Kristian Kopperud
+Alexander S. Kunz
+Jonny L
+David La Spina
+J-R Lao
+Genia Larionova
+Thomas Leuthard
+Javier López Peña
+Richard Love
+Imelda Loviyanti
+Dariusz Majgier
+George Mann

feel free to share!
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Thanks Jeff. Honored to be a part of your list.
Great list Jeff! Where's post 1 on version 1.2?
Thank you. I much appreciate being included in your list.
Thank you Jeff for including me :) ... Just arrived at Solvang, CA tonight - caught a beatiful sunset coming here from LA this evening :)
Hi Jeff! Honored to be listed here, thanks for the promotion :-D
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