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I know there are lots of photographers are on G+ and on 500px as well.

If your on 500 px share you link in the comments, I would love to follow you there.


This is mine:
John Wingfield's profile photoRichard Franco's profile photoJake Hyatt's profile photoandy c.'s profile photo
I find it interesting that 4 of us out of the first 10 to respond are all Bay Area photographers.
I'm amazed how few are in the Seattle area! Seattle represent!
Great response so far. Thanks everyone. I will get over to 500px and add shortly. Hope everyone does the same. Will also create a circle and iterative post with your 500px link. I will publish this week.
Just added everyone as well. Amazing work!
Damn, I just finished adding ALL of you! - I must say I haven't had much traction with my photos, I think I made the mistake of posting too many at one time. That being said there is a lot of good work to be found on the site. It's also nice to see a local Toronto company do so well.
Hey +Robert Brienza thanks for sharing. It takes awhile to get some traction on 500px I think too. I think traffic is top heavy toward popular and editors picks pages. I have built a lot of followers on there from above, it's a good way to get exposure and feedback.
+Jeff Smith It seems if you can make editors pick it is a great way to get a lot of exposure, so I'll keep hoping. Although to be honest Google+ stole a bit of my attention from 500px so I need to make an effort to try and keep adding items to my account.
True Robert. Hey I love your motion graphics work, watched your reel, especially the NHL and Dragons Den stuff, just amazing.
Jeff Smith - thanks, although a lot of that stuff is old. I've been kind of exclusive on another project, Holmes Inspection for almost two years now but I can't put that stuff on my reel just yet. Had a similar experience as +Robert Brienza... uploaded too many too fast (they really should warn against that), then didn't have enough contacts to get much traction. Never quite made it into Popular, and never got noticed for Editors Choice. so it seemed like a better use of my time to pursue other things. These sites seem to be struggling with the same issue, leveling the playing field to keep users at all levels engaged (Google+ doesn't get that issue at all yet). Maybe after adding 125+ more contacts through the list here, 500px will get more interesting for me.
I am catching up on adding all of you on 500px. Ten new links in this list just today. Wow.
Hmmm.... There seems to be a daily follow limit on 500px
First, +Jeff Smith - thanks for compiling this list. For a short time I was cross-checking whenever I saw someone whose work I liked. Second - boy 500px is annoying with the limiting the folks you want to follow in a certain amount of time or in one day. Bah humbug!!
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