My Photographers/Photography list.

List 2.4

Once again the circles keep on growing with this list, 50 new and unique photographers here. As always many great images being shared.

Now 910 and counting.

A complete set of lists 1.0 to 2.3 is here:

As in previous lists you will find professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Please keep on sharing, keep on commenting and offering your honest feedback. Take the chance to learn from others who have a different view of the world through their lens.

My criteria is simple. Love of and for photography and a desire to share not only their images and creativity but also their ideas and feedback to others in this network. I have viewed peoples profile, looked at their images, read their posts and comments and have added them to the list based on this.

Feel free to share and or comment and let me know if you want to suggest others as the list grows.
+Zack Arias
+John Arnold
+Cliff Baise
+Jeffrey (Nintz) Bake
+Nick Bicanic
+Kai Birkigt
+Jennifer Bracewell
+Fábio Brandão
+Stefano Brunesci
+Gordon Chiam
+Stephen Cysewski
+mark daughn
+Christina Drane
+Chris Duarte
+zac eubank
+Gil D. Faingezicht
+Nuno Ferreira
+James Foshee
+Silvia Ganora
+Andrew Gonzales
+Peter Grew
+Konný Guðjónsdóttir
+kristín jóna guðjónsdóttir
+Mark Holden
+Shane Holsclaw
+Ricky L Jones
+Scott Joyce
+Alexander Leisser
+ashley west leonard
+Jacob Lucas
+Maximilian Majewski
+Nathan Wirth
+Joey Natividad
+Julie Ng
+Christopher O'Donnell
+Diana Rui
+Florian Schmidt
+Shane Raynard
+Steve Skinner
+Mark Hall
+Maïa Taïeb
+Tal Ben-Moshe
+thérèse b.
+Rachael Turner
+Yvette van Teeffelen
+Steven Verlander
+Felix Wagner
+Ava Weintraub
+Xavier Rey
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