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My Photographers/Photography list.

List 1.8

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Thanks for all the interest and comments from the previous lists. 60 different photographers here. Lost of great work being shared.

Here, as in previous lists your will find professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

As before, keep on sharing, keep on commenting and offering your honest feedback. Take the chance to learn from others who have a different view of the world through their lens.

My criteria is simple. Love of and for photography and a desire to share not only their images and creativity but also their ideas and feedback to others in this network. I have viewed peoples profile, looked at their images, read their posts and comments and have added them to the list based on this.

Feel free to share and or comment and let me know if you want to be added.

+Rob Amend
+Arasch Zandieh
+Joe Azure
+Martin Bailey
+Peter Bargh
+Eric Bartley
+Paolo Bonello
+Marc Bradshaw
+Reuven Brenner
+Jean-Baptiste BROCCARD
+Sharon Brown
+Gerry Chaney
+Daniel Clements
+Shawn Clover
+Stephen Cotterell
+Dawid Norrvi
+Terry Donnelly
+Frank Doorhof
+Brandon Doran
+Luis dos Santos
+John Dunne
+Nasrul Eam
+James Eisele
+Abtin Eshraghi
+John Frenzel
+Michael Frye
+Shamik Ganguly
+Benjamin Glatt
+Riko Gonzalez
+patti harrell
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Thank You for posting this, it's nice to meet some new people, like You said who have a different view of the world through their lens. Greetings to all!
Hey Jeff thanks for the add I appreciate it.
Thanks for the add--and all your hard work, too!
Nice list Jeff, and thanks for including me!
Jeff, thanks for the list and thanks for including me. Found some great people in there.
Thanks for Adding me Jeff, Best Regards from Puerto Rico!
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