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Time for my Photographers/Photography circle update.

MERRY CHRISTMAS I guess this is my little gift to G+ fans and photography enthusiasts.

Circle 4.4

"Circle Sharing" is the ideal way of doing this so others can add these great photographers to their own circles.

Just 50 great photographers here.

Many new people to choose from and the amount of sharing, the self expression and creativity and a real passion for photography shines through with all of those that I have added.

Many great photographs and ideas being shared.

1850+ photographers (in 32 Circles) I will sharing previous circles in the next few weeks.

A complete set of lists 1.0 to 4.3 are here:

As in previous lists/circles you will find professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Please keep on sharing, keep on commenting and offering your honest feedback. Take the chance to learn from others who have a different view of the world through their lens.

My criteria is simple. Love of and for photography and a desire to share not only their images and creativity but also their ideas and feedback to others in this network. I have viewed peoples profile, looked at their images, read their posts and comments and have added them to the list based on this.

Feel free to share and or comment and let me know if you want to suggest others as the list grows


+Hartmut Albert +George Argento +Marc Blackwell +David Buckwalter +David Cobb +Ann DeCamp +greg du toit +lin dunc +Lynne Fox +Andrew Fritz +Juan Gonzalez +Boris Gorelik +Alan Goulet +Neil Graham +Will Hammer +David Hawkins-Weeks +Kel Hayner +Wade Hewitt +Lucas Hickey +Ben Horne +Andrea E. Hutchinson +Ratchanee K.R. +Sonne Kern +Melissa Kester +Jason Kowing +Eric Langley +Ed Lehmann +Daleon Listhrop +Cheryl Machat Dorskind +Tony Manco +Katherine Mann +Isik Mater +Bill Mckim +Kevin McNeal +Carly Erin O'Neil +Laurie ONeil +MAURIZIO PONTINI +Lisa RedWillow +Joseph Rossbach +will s +Richard Schemmerer +Jan Tore Skråmestø +Rod Trenchard +Melissa M. Van Der Linden +Radek Vik +Corwin von Kuhwede +Frits Vrielink +Mari Sterling Wilbur +Andrew Willard +Andi Wolfe
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+Jeff Smith thanks SOOO much for including me!! I really am honored. I'm in some fantastic company here - including YOU!
+Jeff Smith thank you for including me. I am very flattered!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.. :)
I didn't actually read all of my notifications the past fews days... now I realize where all the circlers are coming from. Thanks +Jeff Smith
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