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My Photographers/Photography list update.

List 2.8

More new photographers to be discovered every day and once again the circles keep on growing with this list, 50 new and unique photographers here. As always many great images being shared.

1100+ and counting.

A complete set of lists 1.0 to 2.7 is here:

As in previous lists you will find professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Please keep on sharing, keep on commenting and offering your honest feedback. Take the chance to learn from others who have a different view of the world through their lens.

My criteria is simple. Love of and for photography and a desire to share not only their images and creativity but also their ideas and feedback to others in this network. I have viewed peoples profile, looked at their images, read their posts and comments and have added them to the list based on this.

Feel free to share and or comment and let me know if you want to suggest others as the list grows.

+Thomas Russ Arnestad
+Dan Bailey
+William Beem
+Mark Blundell
+Ulf Buschmann
+Neil Camara
+Juan M. Casillas
+Chris Chapman
+Dennis Chunga
+Jon DeBoer
+Joaquin Dueñas
+Sabine Fischer
+Chris Garrett
+Jonathan Goody
+Grayson Hartman
+Leasha Hooker
+Kevin Hueter
+Steve Huff
+Jacques Gudé
+Georgios Karamanis
+Loralea Kirby
+Taryn Leach
+Jack Foster Mancilla
+Frank Lüdtke
+lorena masi
+Jeff McDonald
+Brad McDowell
+Anne McKinnell
+Paul Monaghan
+Sarang Naik
+Denis Olivier
+Edouard Olszewski
+John Parker
+Moose Peterson
+Fintan Planting
+David Richter
+Gordon Runkle
+Augusto Salazar
+Thomas Schaller
+Brent Schneeman
+Hartmut Schneider
+Bob Shank
+Bartek Siębab
+Renee Stewart Jackson
+Sergey Sus
+Jonathan Thomas
+Gennaro Di Marino
+Aperture Twenty Four
+Ricardo Williams
+Jemal Yarbrough
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Noze P.
That is a pile of photographe :)
Thank you +Jeff Smith for putting me on the list. I have found many inspirational people using it.
Thank you for adding me to the list! =)
Fantastic list.

This is what adds 90% of people to my photography circle.

Now, if only the iPhone app allowed 'sharing'...
Thanks for this. I've met so many talented and nice people already from your lists. I'm learning so much.
Thanks, Jeff! I'm looking forward to digging through the photographers work on your list. And thanks for including me on there. I'm beginning to see the potential for G+ as I spend a little time here each day.
That sounds like a reward to me :-D It seems that I am not the only one giving my heart away to the avant-garde branch!
+Chris Chapman thanks for the feedback. Glad you find the list helpful. Hope to see you at Selfy Sunday soon! :)
Thanks for including me on the list, Jeff!
I'm fairly new on G+ but you can check me out, would love to be on your list :)
Oh holy smokes, thanks for adding me to this list, Jeff!!
Thanks for the shout, Jeff !
Been layin' low with pneumonia. Hoping to get back in the swing real soon !
Took some time tonight to look through some of this list and there are some brilliant photographers here. Thank you for including me.
Thanks +Shane Holsclaw and +Jeff McDonald ! Glad you took the time to go through the list, there are some great photographers on G+.

I also managed to fix +John Parker 's name which gave me lots of trouble when I first posted.
Wow! I am honored to be not only listed here, but, also honored to be listed amongst such incredibly talented artists. 
Thanks for your effort. I'ts a honour to me.
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