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Oh my! Adele!

Her voice is simply exquisite, damn this lady has pure, undeniable raw talent.

Enjoy these three wonderful songs and you will remember why music soothes the soul.
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How many of today's singers can just sit there and belt it out like this? She's just amazing.
She is so very talented. Amazing singer....
Love her!!!!!! Thanks for posting the awesome Jeff!!! :)
Just finished watching -- that girl just leaves me with my mouth hanging open in awe. No auto-tune or other studio tricks needed here. Thanks so much for sharing this, +Jeff Smith.
+Celine Chamberlin just wrapping up my second viewing. I agreed completely. No tricks needed, she is simply amazing!
It's not generally my speed musically, but she's simply stunning. What a voice. What a breathtaking, seemingly effortless, awesome performance. Thanks for posting!
I feel like the only person on the planet that doesn't care for her voice.
Here's another one on the planet. I like the control she uses and she has developed a nice style but I don't really like the tone of her voice.
Only Adele can make angst sound mellifluous.
LOVE this lady.. She has such soul... Rare these days with all this club music... Too bad she had to cancel her American tour for throat surgery... But at the Grammy's it sounded like she mended well.. and fingers crossed she reschedules for the States. Thanks for posting this live intimate session.. I'd have missed it without you.
god she is so irritating.....and proven to be a huge diva...way to go for being a role model!!!
not that good because she closes her eyes one the first one?
Love her music. Me and her actually have the same birthday!
Adele reminds me of Nelly McKay. They're both amazing your women. I host a karaoke show and it's thrilling when someone who can really sing Adele gets on stage. I wish there were karaoke versions of Nellie M's songs, too.
Hey, cool, there's a logo for The Current (Northfield, MN) on the bookshelf right above the keyboard.
same i like her voice it can reach all of the notes
god, her voice gives me goosebumps
she is sooo amazing
... so is john barrowman
i luv you adele with all ma heart!
Magical ! Thanks you for posting ! I could hear the last track over n over !
I love karaoke and would love to perform an Adele number.
This is the video where I first saw Adele in 2010 I think it was. NPR hosts a bunch of artists for these in office shows.
your voice is alright but it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna be checking it out, then
mind blowing,fantabulous
i like that word
gonna use that
+lawrence castle seriously - go back to Facebook until you're a big boy. People here are appreciating a genuinely talented and beautiful woman. If you can't say anything cute - mute it.
One of my best song of her is "Rolling In Deep". As for her, the fact I heard every one of her's songs and I love all of them says enough. And of course almost everybody (if not all) shares my opinion.
what a voice!!!

if only she was slimmer!

just kidding...
Love those NPR 'tiny desk' concerts. They usually don't feature such pop stars, and focus on musicians from around the world. Will still check out this!
she sounds even better here than she does with all the music in the background in her album.. love her voice.. she rules :)
it was amazing the firs time i heard her voise on TV
The Tiny Desk series (and the All Songs Considered show) are awesome! This one is off the charts amazing though!
thank you! saw Adele 2 years ago at the Hollywood Bowl and it was such a wonderful treat not only due to her voice but her personality.
Is it bad to say that I don not like her voice? She is natural though, nothing fake at all...
+Kezza Rossio No, you can dislike a good voice, there are loads of good singers I don't like. Love Adele though.
nice voice forever spoiled for me after she whined on about having to pay taxes to cover services she doesn't even use like public transport. selfish attitude. 
Amazing voice. I could listen to her forever
this HAS got to be a joke!! right?!
LOL my cat sounds better than her when i step on her tail!
Kal Vic
Hey +Sylvia Austin maybe if you get that dick out of your ear it would sound a lot better. Beautiful voice & great talent. I was blown away by her voice
+Kal Vic just because i don't happen to like her or share your taste, nor 95 people's taste doesn't account for good taste nor good manners,,
nor the fact you're a foul mouth IDIOT!
Kal Vic
+Sylvia Austin wow did I ruffle your feathers??? Lol understand if you do not like her or her voice you didn't have to comment... so therefore if u want to bash always be ready to get bash. Or as they say if you don't have anything nice to say then just keep your mouth close.
i hate her face values and make up ........ she's a great singer ... bt should listen her on radio :P
+Kal Vic i didn't direct my comment at you! soperhaps you should use your own advice,, !!
A voz dela é inconfundivelmente maravilhosa!
she suck, i change the radio channel everytime she is on
Why doesn't she have a d!ck in her mouth ??
omg i lover her voice is beautiful...i turn her up when she comes on the u adele...
lovin that set fire to the rain....i play it over an over....
Her Voice Is So Beautiful,I Love Her Songs:-)
Mo Go
She's slightly off key most of the time...
Love the bit at the end, amazing vocals for the song then 'forgot to take my gloves of <cackle>', makes me like her even more.
Just an amazing voice and talent. I'm lad she is back!
She is absolutely amazing with the voice of an angel :)
Adele rules the Grammy, and the whole world.
her power does not flow from within but is channeled through her from above.
Thank u for sharing. I love her voice. Pure, beautiful.
does she like to visit Kurdistan and record a video there which is an amazing place in the world
nice voice adele i like that song alot because it reminds of a lot of stuff
Wow. Harry Connick impressed me in the same way when I saw him live. It's easy to forget in the age of autotune that some of these folks are actually outstanding musicians.
Every time I hear 'Someone like you" it definitely tugs on the heartstrings a little bit.
Adele is an absolute legend her voice is just fantastic and she won 9 britt awards I mean c'mon only a true talented singer could get that many , you never no she could be the next whitney housten :) xx
i just love her. her clear pure vkcal and her songs are REAL def a fan . very talented young lady
Ikr sooo talented !! Got about 10 or more posters in ma bed room all of her albums ;) really wanna see her live .. Shame she had a bad throat but she luckily got it fixed for the britts and what a big well done to her we r all so very proud :) x
can't open it !求基友转到优酷!
I love the unique sound of her voice. Not cookie-cutter by a long shot!
she's really talented
Wow, this lady doesn't need any instruments... just the voice alone does it. Amazing.
Simply Perfection!! 3 songs in a row with album quality... She nailed this!
What else can be said about this woman that hasn't already been said? Talent is talent is talent....
What is it that I'm not hearing? I must be tone deaf because I don't great the great voice everyone else hears. She's ok to me but not great. The rest of the world loves her voice but I'm not connecting for some reason.
My favorite song of Adele is Set Fire To The Rain!!
Amazing, I just love her singing, she really feels the music!!
amazins, I wonder if she would make me cry like when I heard sarah mclachlan's voice!
i am not surprise of her lengedary voice
I'm going to go make some breakfast.
Fabulous. Listening to her DVD right now. Live at the Royal Albert Hall. It's great and really shows her personality as well.

WHAT??????? She is so young. :( Mby it is just a rumer. :) when she is talking, she has an acsent and when she sings she dosen't.
She makes emphatic (& enchanting) singing look so effortless because she becomes the song!
Never even listened to her before... Holy Guacamole she has a surreal voice!
very very beautiful voice,she will be a very very great singer.
Ok, had to sit and do a replay. She truly has an awesome voice, I'm still taken...
John Fletcher- I feel so sorry for you. That you have not the ability to enjoy one of the great voices of our time. And reading your description, it's easy to see you are an angry and sad person. 
Not really my kinda music, but she does have a helluva voice!
Absolutely love her:) The best voice out there and she proved it with all her awards!!!
She is a great singer, they play her songs on the radio all the time.
I love her voice, so strong and genuine
It's amazing that no matter how many times this song has been played you never tire of it. Rare and incredible
Rolling in the Deep what an awesome song!!
Thanks for sharing, I just love her songs :)
AND NO CRAP ASS AUTO-TUNE! Auto tune should be banned. It's only used by people who have no talent. Adele sounds every bit as good live as she does in digital form which is a true testament to her talent and voice.
I really love her voice. This is a refreshing sound and I enjoy it very much.
+Alan Shapiro caught your comment here, this post seem to have made it onto the "Whats Hot list" and broke my notifications "flipper". +Chrysta Rae :-)
I love her. Just wonder what she's gonna write about now that she's happy?
What if she sucks now because she's happy lol everybody loves sad songs Hannah jk
All about the BEST is to come generation - she's it !
Hearing such a powerful performance in close quarters with a "subtle' backing of muted guitar and keyboard is fantastic. I would love to hear Adele record many of the Jazz and Soul classic hits from the last 50 years - her brilliant voice would bring them all fresh to a young audience.
Jason T
I have heard this before, but never seen her. The opening note just grabs your attention and wont let go
Such a good Tiny Desk set! It's incredible how she can sing with SO much soul . . . at 21 years of age!
I must be the only person alive that doesn't like her voice or her songs, especially the one in this video.
Yes Adam I think you are the only one.
She's got a very unique tone, and I love it. The lyric is so relatable...Touching.
she's got class and a seriously impressive set of pipes. all the best to adele.
I just love this girl!!! 
Her voice is good but I don't find it amazing by the standards of other well-known singers. Sort of smoky I suppose, but so what? Also, she's not perfectly in tune (I don't mean that she bends her notes -- of course she does that and that's fine). As for the songs, I find them very ordinary. I just can't see what everyone sees in Someone Like You.
her voice does not match her face
Nav H.
Who is Adele?
I love Adele's approach to music. With her it is about the pure simple sound of the voice, with very little background accompaniment to over shadow the beauty of it. She is a very unique artist.
Yeah, this is the kind of music I can appreciate. Listening to this while driving to work and being able to sing along, in tune, reminds me of just how difficult it is to have a perfect voice. I can sing with this girl and enjoy it.
For anyone who says she's off tune, keep in mind that she had throat polyps for a long time, and has JUST had the surgery to remove them. When she doesn't hit those high notes that everyone expects, I dare you to hit ANY of the notes she does, with such soul, AND THROAT POLYPS. She is one of the ONLY singers out that can sing without auto tune, production magic, or even background music, and still punch it through the roof. AND she is one of the ONLY singers who writes her own songs... She's not drugged out, she's not a fake, she's not afraid of putting her heart on her sleeve... And she proved her talent by winning 6...6!!!... Grammies... So all you haters on this thread, fine, don't like her, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I would stop and think about your no talent, no award winning, howling worthlessly in the shower, wishing you had any ounce of talent to offer in your empty lives... Just sayin'
a great voice that let your emotions sweat out from under your skin
she one of my favorite artists! nice video, best voice on earth Grammy goes to adele!
Truly Amazing Singer :)
+Muktadir Alam Adding "just kidding" after an insult doesn't make it any less offensive; it only confirms that you knew it was offensive.
Shame on you michael aston, Adele truly has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard, and probably will ever hear in my lifetime. Her emotion and expression when she sings is so touchingly beautiful!! Not to be rude, but you obviously you were either picked on for your weight as a child, or are just plain ignorant. She's got the gift, talent, whatever you choose to call it, SHE'S GOT IT!! So stop being jealous and if you're lucky maybe she'll treat you to a meal with all that freaking money she's raking in!!
Are you kidding me??? She didn't do SXSW because we didn't give her a visa!!!! What were we thinking??? Someone dropped the ball.
as a professional i am not tone deaf like her
I love Adele what a wonderful great God has blessed us with.
Good for you Sylvia I agree with you on the fact Kal Vic has no class nor does the dirty mouth has any respect for others. Just a waste of time to try and get IT to do better. Thanks for keeping it clean.
+Kal Vic perhaps someone 'blew their load' into your ear that's why she sounds so good to you..
+Kal Vic and if get some to blow their load into your mouth you might be lucky and get to sound like her..
I'm so agree with you Jeff....!!!! she's a wonderful contralto
authentic and facinating
I think if you don't have anything good to say you should just keep quiet.
Every singer has a different voice and that is what makes the individual identifiable and special
Some people need to take some music appreciation classes. Adele is unique.
Take this from a Trini !!!
it'wonderful voice !!!
i love design dresses for u .
One of the most obvious demonstrations of "given" gifts. Everyone has a talent; most of us need to search deeper than Ms. Adele.
RMF - Lentsu la moloi wa thaga: the voice of an amazing bird uniques found only in SA
What an obvious example of "given gifts". We all have talents; most of us just have to dive deeper to access & disclose them w/ choice.
Ei Myo
I love all songs of 21, Thank you for sharing
love you ADELE waiting for more of your song your voice gets to my heart such raw talent plase do some thing thank you for sharing
She really must have some welsh blood in her, which i believe is her father. Excellent.
She is wonderful like her songs
Anna B.
OMG! Adele is the best singer of all generations, possibly centuries! Ive never known a woman with such TALENT!!!!!! I LOVE U ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Youre the best!!!!!! ")
I love tiny desk they always have the best artists on there!!
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