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SELFY SUNDAY Dec. 11, 2011

OFFICIAL Participation Post

Where: Google+
When: Dec. 11, 2011
How: Please read +Levi Moore 's post on why Selfy Sunday is different.

Selfy Sunday FAQ

Selfy Sunday G+ Page

The circle has been open for participation in next Sunday's Selfy Sunday project.

Simply reply in the comments below and I will add you to the circle.

I have created a circle of Selfy Sunday regulars circle as well.
Let me know if you want to be in the "regular" circle as well.

I will post the regulars circle right after this post. If you are in the regulars circle you are included every b-weekly Selfy Sunday project going forward and don't need to respond here.

Any questions, let me know and lets have some fun planning our selfies.
Why Selfy Sunday Is Different. Jeff Smith and I wanted to chat a little about Selfy Sunday and hopefully clear some things up as well as better define what we feel the project is and is all about. The...
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+Scott Fritz I saw your comment on the original Nov. 27/11 post, just wanted to let you know I have added you for next Sunday.
Cool! I've seen a couple great selfies tagged with this but now I know what it's all about.

Count me in! :) I can't wait.
i'd really like to say i'm in this week...
Please go ahead and add me. It'll motivate me to shoot something this week.
that's where i'm at too, +Eustace James. i want to do it, i almost feel like i need to do it...and holy hannah do i have ideas...i'm just so uncomfortable in front of the camera.
I have a few ideas. Intriguingly enough, not all of them involve a tiara. There may or may not be a sword involved.

And my comfort zone typically does not extend to the area in front of the camera, either.
+mel peifer and +Eustace James your added, and too the regulars circular, now the pressure is on! Lots of time, I am looking forward to Sunday. :-)
oh. okay +Jeff Smith. you talked me into it.

(and, p.s. THANK YOU for just sticking me in there. i needed that :) )
wow. for whatever reason, you being here too +Samir Osman, totally made me not nervous anymore. thanks :)
I will give it a try :-)
I tried before but was too late, so please add me in.
think I've got an idea for one... Depends how sober I am on Sunday..! Off out Sat night..!
I'm not sure if I can make it, but I would like to be on your list for the future. Can you add me anyway!
I have a busy weekend ahead meeting up with the family for an early holiday gathering ( my parents are snowbirds and head to Florida before Christmas) but will try to find some time... count me in???
Hope to be in it again :-)
I'd love to participate in this! I have just the shot in mind :)
shut the shell up pemberton. (insert cute turtle here.) i thought you weren't feelin' it! and also, YAY!
i wasn't feelin it..
but then i shoved that feeling in a box and kicked it to the curb.
thanks button. :)
hi +Jeff Smith I've been participating in the last 4 selfies in a row, I'm a regular, but please include me in the selfy sundays circle if Im not there yet :) I love selfy sundays =D
oh again...I am in am I :) preparing those highheels :)
Seems scary, so please add me to the regular group? Thank you.
I'm in for this week +Jeff Smith :D
Just finished final projects up for school, so I'll be in on this one.
Count me in, sounds like a nice challenge
Shot mine last night...went for something different this time. Looking forward to seeing all of this weeks entries!
Me too. It's done like a Christmas goose. 
Took one shot last night, haven't processed it yet.
i'm in Thank you Jeff
+Moin Ahmad the album will open tonight at 9:00 PM EST. At that time I will announce the album link to all the participants.
Hej ! I would like to get in to participate also :)
Since last week was my 1st I didnt expect to be included in the regulars, sorry. What time are yew good to go?
id like to be added to this , regular and this sunday ? can i be shown the link ? or ?
I'd like to participate this week if it's not too late :)
I'd like to be added to the selfy sunday group.
If it is too late for this edition, Please add me to the next. =)
Just spotted this due to the large amount of #selfysunday posts coming into my stream. Would love to take part on a regular basis, is there still time to get involved?
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