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My Photographers/Photography list update.

List 2.9

Many more new photographers to be discovered every day. The sharing and the comments and feedback has been incredible. My circles keep on growing in this list with 50 new and unique photographers here. As always many great images being shared.

1150+ and counting.

A complete set of lists 1.0 to 2.8 is here:

As in previous lists you will find professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

Please keep on sharing, keep on commenting and offering your honest feedback. Take the chance to learn from others who have a different view of the world through their lens.

My criteria is simple. Love of and for photography and a desire to share not only their images and creativity but also their ideas and feedback to others in this network. I have viewed peoples profile, looked at their images, read their posts and comments and have added them to the list based on this.

Feel free to share and or comment and let me know if you want to suggest others as the list grows.

+John Adams
+Oracio Alvarado
+Joaquin Baldwin
+Aaron Barlow
+Rodney Bedsole
+Ray Bilcliff
+Sam Breach
+Susana Cabaço
+Daniel Cheong
+Paul Chudyk
+Anders Dahl
+Tim Dobbs
+Nick Gatens
+Nic Granleese
+Dirk Heindoerfer
+David Herreman
+Eric Hines
+Wanda Hollis
+Andy Holt
+Katie Hughes
+lauren hurst
+Kelly Johnston
+Thomas Kang
+Mike Keller
+paula layton
+Junmo Lee
+Joe -boy- Lucas
+Jennifer Luzio
+Tim McAdam
+Billy Mitchell
+Kayode Okeyode
+Samir Osman
+Sandra Parlow
+Tom Pawson
+LaDonna Pride
+Fabrizio Quagliuso
+William S. Ralph
+Rznag Rmrod
+Rodoël John Rooi
+Rami Saarikorpi
+Simone Somma
+Pierre Steenkamp
+Jennifer Tackman
+Tom Reeves
+James Tran
+russ vallelunga
+Nuelle van Wingerden
+rita vita finzi
+Dianne Ward
+david williams
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Glad to be a part of this list, Jeff. Thanks!
Wow Jeff - thank you so much for adding me!! I'm honoured to be a part of your list!!
Wow, that's quite the list you have going. Thanks, Jeff!
LaDonna, Paul, Thomas, Dianne et al, not a problem, I'm sure you will find some inspiring photographers to add to your circles.
some new names to keep an eye on. Cheers for sharing these lists :)
Wow, thanks for including me. I really appreciate it!
Wanda H
Wow! Thank you for including me :)
+Billy Mitchell not a problem. Keep on shooting man! Oh and thanks for your Selfy Sunday participation.
Thanks for the add, some more great photographers to check out :)
I join with everybody else in saying a Big Thank You 
Thank you for the mention, Jeff. The more, the merrier when it comes to interaction on G+ and amidst the wonderful photography community we continue to build here, circle by circle. :-)
Thank you so much I hope I keep living up to your expectations.
only just realised I'd been added- thank you - I never for one minute I would make it anyone's list yet. Cheers!
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